A spoiler-free review of the 2013 film Contracted


Contracted (2013), directed by Eric England (Madison County, Roadside) has circulated Netflix for quite some time now, gaining a large fandom which led to a recently released sequel. With a limited budget, the body horror film is strong and thrilling with an all-too-real idea behind it.


Samantha is a young brokenhearted women whom is trying to cope with the recent break up with her ex-live-in girlfriend Nikki. To help ease the pain, Sam attends a party where in a drunken haze, she hooks up with a random, mysterious man. Over the next few days, Sam starts to feel different and sickly while trying to reconnect with Nikki and put her life back on the right track. However, as Sam’s sickness quickly progresses, she soon realizes she’s making everything much worse rather than better. Sam’s body is deteriorating on both the inside and outside as Sam tries her hardest to survive the heinous illness.


Contracted is an unique horror film that delivers a pretty bold message. But behind the STD undertones, viewers will find the film to be twisted, disturbing and alarming. Given the film’s limited budget, the make-up effects are close to amazing yet rightly disgusting and will surely gross you out for days to come. The pacing of Contracted works quite well and gives the film an enticing and mysterious vibe. Najarra Townsend does an astounding job in her role of Samantha and without her, the film would not be what it is. The ending is just plain awesome- seriously, it gives the film an unexpected twist that ties things up nicely.

Contracted has become one of my favorite horror films, and even if the sequel wasn’t as satisfying, I surely hope we will see more of the story from England’s point of view. I am awarding Contracted a fairly deserved 4/5, and those wanting to check it out can watch it now on Netflix.


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