When thinking of horror icon actors a few probably pop into your mind. Robert Englund, Jamie Curtis, Vincent Price, Bruce Campbell, Kane Hodder, and more. Although I love all these actors I want to give recognition to one of my favorite horror icons, Tony Todd.

TonyTodd1Tony Todd has a huge body of work for not only horror fans but also for fans of all genres. I personally love seeing him on the screen no matter what role he plays in. He has this strong presence and unique voice that captures the attention of the viewers from the moment he speaks, often leaving chills down our spine. Let’s take a look back on some of our favorite horror roles Tony Todd has played in with these 5 movies.

Sushi Girl (2012)


If you’ve never seen Sushi Girl, I highly recommend it. It’s fun, suspenseful, twisted, and has an amazing cast including the talented Tony Todd. He plays the lead role of Duke. Duke hosts a unique dinner party when an old associate is released from prison. Things get pretty crazy and let’s just say he’s one dude you don’t’ want to mess with.

Hatchet 2 (2010)


Tony Todd plays Reverend Zombie in the Hatchet series, however, I really like his part in the 2nd one. He has a bigger part and he really shows off how badass he is. Just look at his character, I love this look on him!

Final Destination (2000)

Tony Todd is what make the Final Destination franchise so amazing. His role is not huge in any of them, in fact, in some, all you hear is his voice, and in the 4th one he’s not in it all, but none the less his presence in one form or the other leaves a lasting impression. In the first one, we are introduced to his iconic role as Bludworth the reoccurring mortician. I love the 5th one because it wraps up everything nicely and he comes back with a boom explaining what needs to be done for all the madness to end.

Night of the Living Dead (1990)

This is one of my favorite remakes and Tony Todd does a phenomenal job portraying the character of Ben. In my opinion, they could not have cast a better actor for this remake. In this movie, in particular, he really shows his acting range and the dominant presence he has on screen. Plus, he kicked some zombie ass and looked good while doing it!

Candyman (1992)

 Candyman is Tony Todd’s most iconic horror role thus far. In it, he plays Daniel Robitaille, aka Candyman, who is a murderous soul with a tragic past, a hook for a hand, and can be summoned by calling his name five times in the mirror. I always felt bad for his character because of what happened to him, but I also thought his character was pretty badass. You can tell he was created from the wondrous mind of Clive Barker. When I think back on this movie, the thoughts of who would ever be dumb enough to summon their own death, but as an adolescent, my friends and I would always take turns standing in front of the mirror seeing who was brave enough to say his name five times. To be honest, I don’t think any of us made it past four. I’m okay with that, I rather not take my chances.

These 5 roles stand out among the rest, but we love all of Tony Todd’s movies and continue to eagerly wait for each production he stars in. What are your favorite Tony Todd movie roles? Let us know!

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