Quadrilateral Cowboy, from independent studio Blendo Games, is the sequel to Blendo’s Gravity Bone (2008) and Thirty Flights of Loving (2012). Although I personally haven’t played the prior 2 titles, my understanding is these games occur in the same universe, but don’t necessarily continue a story between the 3 games. The goal in Quadrilateral Cowboy is to perform a heist and hack certain accessible items along the way using your personal deck (which is some kind of laptop).

Being released exclusively on PC with good reason, Quadrilateral Cowboy requires you to type commands on your deck that can open grates or disable lasers (among other tasks). It’s also a game that expects some mental gymnastics. You really have to evaluate the scene of your heist before immediately going to hacking. In these ways, this gaming experience is the smartest, most creative to exist this year. Check out my Let’s Play of Quadrilateral Cowboy at the link below!

Warning: NSFW Language. I just can’t resist myself.

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