In recent years, indie gaming has taken the scene by storm in both quality and quantity. Indie game devs are pouring their blood, sweat and tears into projects that make gamers look beyond their beloved AAA titles. So, who are these game makers and how did their story come to be? Well, veteran journalist, theater, film, television and video producer Russ Pitts wants to go behind the scenes of the indie gaming world with a series of short documentary films, but he needs your help.

With just three days left of his Kickstarter campaign, over 500 backers have pledged $30,894 of the $42,891 goal. If gaming is something that you’re passionate about, please head over (link below) and make a contribution. More about the campaign from Russ Pitts:

“We’re making short documentary films about indie game makers all over the world, starting in Chicago, USA. And the best part: You can help us decide where we go after that. Future seasons of Stage of Development will focus on different locations around the world. And where we go is up to you.

This Kickstarter is for *at least* four short films (10-20 minutes, maybe longer) and a full feature-length documentary (50 minutes or more) about different people or indie teams making different games or projects.”

Check out the Kickstarter page here!

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