One of the most notable franchises in the horror community is Silent Hill, notorious for giving us terrifying monsters, complicated plots, and disturbing subject matter that will haunt you long after you’ve turned off your console.  After Konami‘s success with the first Silent Hill, they gave us one of the most memorable sequels in video game history.  The graphics were beyond smooth and realistic to be on a Playstation 2, which was just released the year prior.  The characters were fully realized and had their own intricate back stories.  And not only did they match the creep-factor of its predecessor, but they knocked it out of the park with a world that still scares me as an adult!  Here’s some of our favorite unsettling parts of Silent Hill 2!

Our First Encounter with Pyramid Head

Pyramid Head is a creature that almost all gamers will recognize. With deep symbolism of the protagonist, James‘, own psychological disturbances, the first sighting of him is enough to make me want to look far, far away.  After fighting with some lesser monsters in the hallway and attempting to retreat to safety in a side room, James is confronted with Pyramid Head fighting violently with two mannequins.  The sound effects alone are enough to make me cringe, but when James hides in the closet and Pyramid Head inches closer and closer, I gotta put down my controller and take a breather!  Little does James know that this won’t be the last time he has to deal with this giant brute…

Pyramid Head closing in on James

Angela’s Father

One of the game’s female protagonists, Angela, has a very touchy past with her father.  Our hero James, of course, has to face a manifestation of him during a very frustrating boss fight.  The room has a fleshy, dark appearance and there’s nothing but a broken television in the corner to really amp up the creep factor.  James saves Angela from the monster, and we’re left with a cut scene of her kicking the crap out of the thing’s dead lump of a body.  While the father’s body is pretty gruesome in itself, the psychological impact that this scene signifies is what really puts it on the “most disturbing” list.

Angela and her father

Laura Traps James 

There’s something about a creepy little girl locking James up in an empty hospital room that really gives me goosebumps…especially when several bloody monsters fall down from the ceiling and start chasing him around.  Not the most difficult boss fight in the game, but the imagery of the “flesh lips” monsters crawling on the ceiling and walls is enough to make me bite my nails.  Being trapped is always something that ensures a sense of urgency in a game, but being trapped with deadly masses of human limbs is sure to freak someone out!

James fights the flesh lips monsters

Good Old Jump Scares!

Seeing as how Silent Hill 2 is a game that remains eerily quiet at times, Konami had to keep us on our toes with some jump scares!  The most notable for me and many other players is in the Toluca Prison’s ladies’ bathroom.  James goes to the furthermost stall and knocks…I can’t say that I would have been hoping for an answer, but there is an option to knock AGAIN.   If you choose to knock again and have James exit the bathroom, there is a loud, rather discombobulated noise that comes from the stall.  There isn’t an enemy that comes out and chases you, but the sound effect definitely takes you off guard and makes you wonder just WHAT could be going on in that bathroom.

James & Eddie in the Meat Locker

Another mentally horrifying scene in the game is when James is confronted with Eddie, a highly disturbed man who is clearly going off the deep end.  Eddie delivers a long-winded, graphic speech about the violence in his past, and James enters a meat locker.  While Eddie is still rattling on, the dim atmosphere and grungy bags full of who knows what greet us and set the mood for yet another boss fight.  Eddie’s monologue is probably the most bothersome in the game.


Even though it’s been fifteen years since Silent Hill 2 was released, the game still holds the heart of many horror fans, including myself.  The entire game was immersive and well-thought out with its twisted storylines and characters.  What are some of your favorite Silent Hill 2 moments?

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