We’ve all been there- enjoying countless hours in a game, only to find that the game’s ending has just ruined it all. Sometimes it can be annoying and other times it can feel like a downright betrayal. Here are five video game endings that made me feel that way.

This next part should be self-explanatory given the title, but I feel it needs saying just in case: There will be spoilers.

FIFA 17: The Journey


The story of Alex Hunter is a well written story of a football mad kid starting his career and ending up at one of England’s elite clubs. You play through a full season, dealing with the highs and lows of the modern game. The ending is just a bit lazy, he’s sat there, doing what you’re doing, playing FIFA. Gets a call to turn the TV over, and finds he’s getting a call up to the England squad and that’s it. After the credits says you can continue his story on FIFA Ultimate Team. I know this is a classic EA move, but still feels a bit of an anticlimax.

Well, that is until the inevitable DLC comes out.

Shenmue 2


Keeping in mind I completed this game back in 2002, this one still stings to this day. It continues well from the first installment, with disc three being epic, but that’s where it should have ended. What the final disc contains is just lots and lots of walking and QTE’s but when you get to the cave you think, “great, this is it, time to get vengeance.” Nope, you made it all this way, through eight discs…only to have a conversation. Ending it on disc three would have been better as that had a lot more to it.

Maybe when Shenmue III (finally) arrives in December 2017 it will quell my irrational fury…maybe.  

Final Fantasy X


I do love the Final Fantasy series, and still love the tenth installment. If you’ve played the previous games, you’ll be aware that the stories they create are often epics and end in a very fitting way. This can’t be said for the tenth. You do learn later in the game that, because of reasons, once Sin is destroyed, so will be Tidus. At the end of the final fight, he just seems to disappear into the void of confusion, where he might be gone, he might not.

What could have been a great ending, was ruined by a will he/won’t he moment that doesn’t bring any closure at all.

Red Dead Redemption


As most of Rockstar’s creations, Red Dead Redemption was a great one. John Marston is a great depiction of life in the wild west. Although, I can’t say that I was too impressed with the ending, hence why it’s on my list.

All the man wanted to do, after atoning for his past (or making it worse, depending how you played) was settle down with this family. However, you got torn up like Swiss cheese and left to finish the game off with his son, who let’s all remember, didn’t like the idea of shooting rifle with his dad, but now is an expert gunslinger. Come on Rockstar, you’re better than that!

World of Warcraft


I know, WoW never really ends, whether that’s via an expansion, PVP or end game, it’s like a dog that chases it’s tail. The “endings” I’m referring too is when the current expansion ends, and the new one comes out. How many times have you been so excited to explore the new area, only to replace your hard earned epic item with the first common item you stumble across? I know it’s progression, but it’s also so damn infuriating after all the work you’ve likely put in.


Here’s my list of video game endings that left me unsatisfied. I’m sure everyone has their own Shenmue 2, so let us know what they are!. Feel free to comment them below or rant with me on twitter @steelcitygam3r.


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