Almost every single artistic creation has their band of brothers who love and discuss the work. That’s why you’re reading this now – because we love to look for the potential hidden meanings that creators put into their work. Sometimes fans really go deep and come up with theories that are sometimes bizarre, sometimes brilliant and sometimes just plain wrong (Bloodbourne players, I’m looking at you!). Some, however, are scarily on point, which brings us to 5 video game fan theories that are crazy enough to be true.

*There are some spoilers for Fallout 4 and Final Fantasy 8*

Super Mario Bros 3


At some point, you will have played a Super Mario game. I’ve played this one many times and still lose what’s left of my marbles trying to remember how to get through World 3’s first fortress!

The theory on this one is so blatant, I’m surprised I’ve never seen til now. It’s similar to prodding a cactus with your finger, obvious it’s going to hurt but only really think about it afterwards when you’re kicking yourself. In short, the entire game is a theatre play. Think about it, from the start of the game, the curtain goes up, Mario and Luigi come in from (stage) left and (stage) right. All of the levels, either have parts of it screwed into the back, or projecting a shadow on to a background.

It can’t just be me that missed this one……right?

Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time


I can’t fully describe how much I love the Zelda series. I own so many Zelda games and merchandise, it could border on the insane. I’m learning to play an Ocarina for Pete’s sake – if that doesn’t show the level of love, I’m not sure what does. Might have digressed a tad, back to the point we go. This theory makes sense, and probably will make people happy who got annoyed with being constantly told to “listen” and “look.” Of course I’m referring to Navi, your fairy assistant, who’s with you through across the ages. The little helper fairy is with you all the way, until you return the Master Sword and he flies off…to die. Yep, the theory is that Navi dies at the end of Ocarina of Time.

It’s all based on a fairy’s life cycle, that when it has completed its purpose, the fairy passes away. Remember when you un-bottle a fairy, it heals you and then dies because that’s its role in Hyrule. So, when the Deku Tree creates Navi to help Link, he does this job to the letter and completes his role in life. Once the Master Sword is returned, Navi’s role is completed and he takes his leave up to the window to save Link the pain of watching his dear friend going to meet their maker.

Well I say window, it could be fairy heaven?

Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater


Can we all just agree that whatever Hideo Kojima creates is pure gold? The man is a genius and I’ll fight anyone with a PSG1 who disagrees. The Metal Gear Solid series is a true work of art. The theory on this one is that the entire third installment is a VR mission.

The first clue is subtle enough that it’s easily missed, but really in your face when you spot it. When Major Zero is giving the briefing to Naked Snake, he refers it as the “Virtuous Mission.” In the very next line, Snake asks him if he meant “Virtual Mission.” If that clue didn’t do it for you, if you decide to get slasher/trigger happy on Ocelot and kill him, you’ll get the “Snake is Dead” screen. Leave that screen on for a few moments, the text will change to time paradox. The next voice is Roy Campbell giving you a stern telling off for making a timeline blunder. Now, the game is set in 1960’s, before Snake and Campbell even met! Could be that he’s docking you a day’s pay, from the other side of the simulation you’re in?

Makes sense to me that they would create a simulation which showed how Naked Snake became Big Boss. Well, we’ve all experienced “on the job” training, haven’t we?

Fallout 4 / Skyrim


This is one that I love. Not because I’m currently playing Skyrim for the billionth time, but because Bethesda know what they’re doing with RPG games. The theory is that Tamriel is aftermath of Fallout 4, just many centuries apart. Basing on that, the nuclear radiation gave life “magic,” as the citizens of Winterhold would call it. Also, it could have created the Argonians and Khajiits through mutation.

The backstory for this theory is a plant, namely Skyrim’s Nirnroot. If you ally with the Brotherhood of Steel in Fallout 4, you’ll end up on their airship, The Prydwen. In the research lab, you’ll come across an “experimental plant” which looks strikingly similar to the Nirnroot. Given the vast worlds that Bethesda create, they’re forgiven to reusing a texture or two. However, if you snoop a little longer in the lab and access the NRT file on the Botany terminal, the plot thickens. The notes say that it’s only found near water, like in Skyrim. It also glows, like in Skyrim, and heals, like in Skyrim.

Easter egg, or a connection to two amazing worlds?

Final Fantasy VIII


This is one of the best FF games for me, mainly because I spent hours playing triple triad. However, one of the Final Fantasy video game fan theories I’ve stumbled across actually makes sense of the madness that unfolds. At the end of disc 1, Irvine fluffs the shot and you have to battle Edea head on. At the end of the fight, another FMV plays and Squall gets a bad case of the Mondays, receiving a rather large icicle to the chest. The theory goes that Squall is actually dead from that.

The remaining three discs are from his brain imagining it all in a coma. Clues are there, as when you gain control of Squall again he makes a comment that there is no scar from the big sharp bit of ice that hit him. Also, none of the characters actually reference it happening. Even the ending makes it seem like he goes to a peaceful, lovely calmland…or could it be heaven? Makes sense doesn’t it?


Those were my top 5 video game fan theories from the world wide interwebs. Do you have any video game fan theories to share, or have a fan theory of your own? Comment below and feel free tweet me @Steelcitygam3r to theorise some more.

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