Continuing our Christmas themed lists, here’s a look at 5 video games based on Christmas movies that made their way onto Santa’s naughty list this year…

The Grinch (Konami, 2000)

video games based on Christmas moviesPlay as the hairy, green grump in this poorly thought out attempt to cash in on the success of the relatively unsuccessful live action movie of the same name. Be amazed by just how good the original animated short was in comparison.

In Konami’s The Grinch, you can relive all your favourite family Christmas moments by smashing the shit out of things, in a desperate attempt to ruin Christmas for everybody. And why? Because you’re a mean one, Mr Grinch, that’s why!

Nightmare Before Christmas: Oogie’s Revenge (Capcom, 2004)

nbx-ps2Some people are never satisfied. Despite putting everyone through the ringer in the original movie, Jack Skellington is back to his mopey old self by Hallowe’en and buggers off in search of new ways to improve his beloved holiday. Because that worked so well for him before.

In Jack’s absence, Oogie Boogie returns from the shadows to seize control of Halloween Town, and this time he’s determined to put an end to Santa one and for all. So basically, the same plan as last time. Play as the returning Pumpkin King as he battles to save Halloween Town and Christmas one last time.

It seems blasphemous to say that anything baring the NBC brand is anything but brilliant, but sadly Oogie’s Revenge never feels anything more than average.

The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause (Disney Interactive, 2006)

the-santa-clause-video-gameSome wise guy on Amazon described this game as: “… an action-adventure game with all the humour and merriment of Disney’s hit holiday film!” In other words, this game lacks any humour or merriment because as we all know The Santa Clause 3 was terrible.

Die Hard Trilogy (Probe, 1996)

die-hard-trilogyYippee Ki Yay, it’s the Christmas themed video game based on everyone’s favourite Christmas themed movie, and it’s two less Christmassy sequels.

Yes, you could argue that this isn’t a Christmas game, but that would be like saying watching Hans Gruber fall from the Nakatomi Plaza isn’t the most heartfelt Christmas moment in the history of cinema. Like it or lump it, Die Hard is a Christmas movie, folks.

Die Hard Trilogy for the original PlayStation wasn’t even that terrible, it just didn’t age all that well and it wasn’t always the easiest game to handle, largely because of the hideous graphics. I guess, though, when you consider that this is a video game based on the Die Hard franchise it was never going to be pretty.

Home Alone (Bethesda, 1991)

home-aloneWhen you consider that the original Home Alone video game was made by the same team that would later bring us the Fallout series, it’s hard to fathom just how terrible the game was. Unlike the brilliance of their later offerings, Bethesda failed miserably when it came to their early releases, and it’s a wonder the company found itself in the position it does today.

You see, the Home Alone game was a lot like Kevin McCallister – an annoying, precocious piece of shit that you wanted to punch repeatedly, screaming “Merry Christmas, ya filthy animal” until he looked more than a little like Glenn in The Walking Dead. There’s no wonder his parents left him in bed while they fucked off on holiday!

That completes our list of horrible video games based on Christmas movies. Are there any here that you actually enjoyed? Any you’d add to the list? Sound off!

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