Most of us all play mobile games, whether it’s on your travels or sat down for a different type of…well, movement. Thankfully, mobile games have come a long way since Nokia first introduced us to Snake those many years ago.

Since the app stores for Google, Apple and Microsoft are full of useful, and not so useful, apps, let’s take a look at 5 awesome mobile games worth your time. A few are more well known, while a couple are hidden gems I’ve found knocking around. Either way, if you’re looking for some time-killing inspiration, this is a good place to start.

Organ Trail

unnamedOrgan Trail is a spoof of the 1970s game we all grew up with, Oregon Trail, but with zombies. Same type of gameplay that’s fun, entertaining and easy to pick up and play. You battle your way from east coast of America to the safe zone at the west. You can choose different routes and also name your friends whatever you like. The gameplay switches from blasting zombies on a top down view to survival. One fun element is being able to name your group how you like, so when a friend loses a can of fuel, for example, screenshot it and send when they mess up in the game!

Google Play Link and Apple App Store Link

Plague Inc

game-introWorld domination is something everyone wants. Plague Inc lets you have precisely that. You play as part of a virus, picking your country of origin then evolve. Your goal is to infect as many of the seven billion humans before they find a cure for you. A very challenging game, yet easy to learn. Your inner mad scientist will love it!

Google play link and Apple Store Link

Sara is Missing

351553Sara is Missing seemed a strange game at first, but it’s a fantastic RPG that I strongly suggest to any horror and mystery fan. It puts you in the shoes of someone who finds Sara’s phone. Aim of the game is look in the phone for clues as to where she may be, but it takes a rather dark twist. This is free, so go try it, you won’t be disappointed one bit.

Google play link

Vintage Game Collector

unnamed-1If you’re of the age where your first console was a NES/SNES, you’ll probably love this one. You are in control of your very own games shop. Aim of this gem is to buy and sell retro games and turn a profit. It’s full of interesting facts about classic games that will most likely get you itching to play them again. This one is a free game, with zero ads. If that’s not getting you to try it, nothing will!

Google Play link


hearthstone_wallpaper___jaina_v4_by_mgbeach-d6tqe1nWarcraft made sizable waves in the the real-time strategy genre and it is the undisputed king of MMORPG games. Now, they’re moving into the mobile genre. Before you get overexcited thinking they’ve ported WoW to mobile devices, it hasn’t happened. In short, it’s a like a random version of Magic: The Gathering, but using the full character base of Warcraft’s lore. It is extremely easy to learn, yet extremely difficult to put down. You’ll genuinely find yourself playing “just one more turn” quite a bit.

Google play Link and Apple Store link

Let us know if you have a favourite from the list! Comment below and chat some more on twitter @Steelcitygam3r.

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