When you think about well-known actors who have gone into voice acting, most immediately think about Mark Hamill. Along with being everyone’s favourite Jedi, has also voiced Gotham’s favorite villain in the 90’s. However, many popular on-screen faces have gone behind the microphone and voiced some of our favorite characters in animation and gaming without even realising. 

Without further adieu, here’s my favourite five.

James Avery

If you’re like me, you grew up watching James Avery give numerous life lessons to Will Smith as the legendary father of the Banks’ family on “Fresh Prince of Bel Air.” What you may not know is that in 1987 he voiced the iconic villain to four Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. That’s right, he voiced Shredder. A few years later he also voiced War Machine in the “Iron Man” series. We are close approaching the third anniversary of his passing, and I can only have admiration for his many years he devoted to entertaining us, in both a voice and television.   

Mike Patton

Depending on your musical background, you might know the name from a few different bands. The most recognisable ones to his belt would be Faith No More. Well dressed metalheads rocking festivals around the world. What some don’t know is that he has also voiced some iconic video game villains. Given his unique voice, he most likely scared you half to death as The Darkness in both The Darkness games. Along with this, he also voiced the Anger Core that you come across at the end of Portal. Finally, if you’re a fan of the Left 4 Dead games, I’m sure you’ve heard the zombie voices. Yep, that’s Mike Patton chasing you.

Patrick Stewart

Surely, everyone knows who this man is. He’s played so many iconic roles across many cult favourites- from Picard to Xavier, the English thespian is a legend in his field. It’s probably also well known that he voices Avery Bullock on “American Dad” too. What isn’t as well known is his foray into video game voice acting. Cast your mind back to 2006 when Elder Scrolls Oblivion had come out. At the very start of the game, you meet Emperor Uriel Septim VII, who is voiced by the Yorkshire legend. In my eyes, this man can do no wrong!

Samuel L. Jackson

Another legend that needs zero introduction. In addition to acting in everything from Pulp Fiction to The Avengers, he’s done his fair share of voice acting too. One of these roles takes us to Los Santos to bust Carl Johnson’s chops in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas as Officer Frank Tenpenny. The fact that Rockstar allowed Jackson to use his own style just added even more greatness to the game.

Matthew Perry

You mention Matthew Perry, you can only think of the sarcastic office worker Chandler Bing. Six years after the finale, Perry is still acting in films and television, but has dabbled in voice acting as well. For Fallout fans, one of his characters got everyone on their way in New Vegas as Benny. That’s right, wisecracking Matthew Perry just cracked you open and set the game in motion in Fallout: New Vegas.


There are plenty of actors that have gone behind the microphone for your favourite game or cartoon, with these being my favourites. Feel free to comment below with your favorites or chat further on twitter @steelcitygam3r.

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