“O Christmas tree, O Christmas tree, how lovely are thy branches?” It’s Christmas time, baby, which means it’s time to decorate the tree, watch Holiday-themed movies such as the classic horror comedy Gremlins, and drink some good ole’ fashioned eggnog out of a moose cup! Here are some of Christmas ornaments that I found all over around the internet that are perfect for any HorrorGeek! Happy Holidays everyone!

Gaming Controller Ornaments


These are perfect for the gamer in your life. Cute and simple. Add your favorite gaming characters and you’ll have the perfect gaming Christmas tree.

Harry Potter Ornaments

ornamentsThese Hermione, Harry, and Ron Christmas ornaments are adorable and simple…why don’t I own them? Maybe I should have a separate tree just for Harry Potter as these are just one of the thousands of options to choose from!

Horror Icon Ornaments

What’s Christmas without Freddy, Leatherface, and Jason hanging on your tree? The Santa hats really add an extra special holiday feel, don’t you think? Perfect for any horror fan who loves non-traditional trees.

Doctor Who Ornaments

How cool would it be to have a white tree with these blue and red Doctor Who ornaments hanging on them? Or even a blue or red tree! These are pretty cool, but I’ve also seen some handmade ornaments that are equally as awesome. If you love Doctor Who you should also check out the epic gingerbread house right here!

National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation Ornaments

“Are you serious Clark?!” This is a must-own for me. I love everything about this Christmas movie and this the perfect ornament to represent it.

Human Centipede Ornament

Behold, it’s the Santapede! Although this is most definitely not for everyone, I’m sure someone would get a kick out of hanging this ornament on their tree.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Ornaments

I absolutely love these Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles ornaments! They would be super easy to make with your kids and you can design them however you want too. Sparkly, hand-painted, and more!

Theater Ornaments

I have theater/cinema type of decorations in my house already, just like many other cinema/pop culture fans do. I think these would be a great addition for any film lover. Aren’t they cute?

Scream Ornament

What’s your favorite scary movie? Today is Scream’s 20th anniversary and I love this so much! Such a fun and original idea, and it would be pretty easy to do yourself with a basic black marker. Well, not for me, I have no artistic skills what-so-ever!

I Love Lucy Ornament

I love LUCY! This is such an adorable ornament and represents one of the most iconic episodes ever. Would you hang this on your tree?

Fallout 4 Ornaments

Fallout 4 was a pretty big deal this year for gamers. Why not celebrate by having a tree dedicated to just that?

Breaking Bad Ornament

Are you ready to cook? I don’t know about you guys, but I miss this show so much! This would be a fun DIY project and a great way to honor one of the best television shows ever!

Star Wars Ornaments

You can never go wrong with a Star Wars ornament and there’s so many to choose from. Who is your favorite character? If you love Star Wars you should also check out our Rogue One spoiler-free article right here!

Krampus Ornament

I recently received the Krampus bell ornament as a gift and I absolutely love it. It’s the perfect gift for a horror fan and looks great on my tree. Did anyone else get in in their horror block box this month?

Die Hard Ornament

Finally, my favorite Christmas ornament that I came across this year! How fucking epic is this Die Hard ornament? It’s absolutely perfect and should most definitely be hanging on your tree. For other unconventional Christmas movies, you should check out this awesome list here.

We hope this list made you smile and gave you some possible ideas for future decorating. Maybe you’ll be inspired to craft your own ornaments, or maybe you’ll have an urge to do some Amazon/Etsy shopping for the perfect one. Stay safe during this crazy weather and enjoy your holiday season. Cheers!

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