So many fantastic horror films came out in 2016 and a good chunk of those are indie horror. There’s just something truly special and beautiful about indie horror. Perhaps, it’s because, unlike some mainstream horror stories, you can feel the passion and love that goes into indie ones. They’re made by fans of the horror genre, for fans, and they know what the audience wants to see.

Justin M. Seaman is the director of The Barn,  which is not just one of the best indie horror movies to come out last year, but one of the best altogether.

Luckily for HorrrorGeekLife, Justin took the time out of his hectic schedule to let us pick his brain about how he became involved in the horror industry, the inspiration for his film The Barn and whether or not there may be a sequel, upcoming projects, and more.

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Justin M. Seaman
Justin M. Seaman and the cast of The Barn.

HorrorGeekLife – What/who inspired you to work in the film industry?

Justin M. Seaman – I think a lot of it was a combination of watching movies and wanting to know more about how they were made and also wanting to watch my own ideas come to life.

My biggest inspiration is a tie between George Romero – because I’m from Pittsburgh, PA and that was like the zombie capital of the world – and Wes Craven – because he gave me those good ole’ Freddy nightmares.

HorrorGeekLife – Those are two iconic figures in horror, that’s for sure! What were the steps that led to your dream coming true?

Justin M. Seaman – My mom for sure. She always supported me, no matter what it was. I was the kind of kid who was content with just a stack of paper and some markers so I could make my own storybooks and comics.

Justin M. Seaman’s “Godzilla” home video.

When I made my first film, I was 5 years old and my mom was the camera person. We spent a whole day outside making a movie with toys about Godzilla smashing his way through Gotham City and attacking the Ghostbusters’ firehouse while the town people (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and various He-Man, Batman and Ghostbusters figures) took on the giant lizard. From then on out I caught the movie making bug!

HorrorGeekLife – That’s fantastic that your love for film began at such a young age and that your Mom supported you. How did you come about creating your own production company, Nevermore Production Films?

Justin M. Seaman – It was all due to a group of my closest friends in high school. I was able to meet a lot of like-minded people and we all just started making movies together. Some of us eventually went to college together to pursue filmmaking as a career.

HorrorGeekLife – That’s awesome, your fans are so glad you took that path! What was the first film you were involved in?

Justin M. Seaman – Well outside of Godzilla, the first Hollywood film I had the opportunity to work on was for the Hallmark Channel called A Kiss at Midnight. I did my internship with the Emmy’s in Los Angeles and became the assistant on-set dresser for that shoot. It was an awesome experience and it gave a great insight of how filmmaking works on a bigger scale.

HorrorGeekLife – Wow, that’s a great way to get your foot in the door and make connections. Your most recent film, The Barn, has been a big hit in the horror community. What inspired you to make that film?

Justin M. Seaman – It all goes back to being a kid and having that wondering imagination. I loved all things Halloween and I would spend many summers at my grandparents’ house in the country. One day in the autumn I happened to see an old barn up over the hillside I had never noticed before and I began thinking, “I wonder what lives in there?”

HorrorGeekLife – I remember reading that in your press package. I still am so impressed that your idea for the film came at such a young age, but you made your dream come true.  You also used a great marketing scheme to attract viewers with amazing cover art and fun retro merchandise. What was the idea behind this?

Awesome merchandise for “The Barn”

Justin M. Seaman – I always wanted to make my own action figures and games. When it came down to “how will I make my film stand out amongst thousands of others?” I thought why not completely embrace that my film was made in the ’80s and, oh by the way, here’s an entire merchandise line to help prove it.

Gimmicky? Sure. But did it work and was it done with passion and heart? You bet!

HorrorGeekLife – You can most definitely tell you put passion into every aspect of this project. I absolutely love the design and creativity for the monsters in The Barn. Where’d you get the idea for the 3 main monsters?

Justin M. Seaman – Strangely enough, the monsters still look the same as they did back in 1993 when I first wrote the story. So it was a child’s imagination at work. These were the things I assumed would live in “that barn” or on “that farm property.”

Justin M. Seaman’s first edition of “The Barn”

I imagined a pumpkin man would oversee the pumpkin patch and all his pumpkins, a scarecrow would protect the cornfield and some kind of creature dressed as a miner in a jumpsuit and mining hat that would be the one in charge of guarding the barn…thus Hallowed Jack, The Candycorn Scarecrow, and The Boogeyman came to life!

HorrorGeekLife – I can’t imagine how satisfying it must feel to see your characters and project come to life. Based on the ending, there may be a chance for a sequel. Do you foresee this happening?

Justin M. Seaman – Absolutely, the treatment is already written for part 2. It just depends on how successful sales continue to be for The Barn. Shameless plugin…3…2…1…Get your 2 Disc Limited Edition of The Barn today at!

HorrorGeekLife – (Laughs) Seriously everyone, go purchase your copy now! I absolutely love mine and you will not be disappointed. Beyond getting the word out about this amazing film, do you have any upcoming projects that you would like to talk about?

Poster for 10/31/16.

Justin M. Seaman – Yes, I am currently working on my segment for Rocky Gray’s Halloween horror anthology called 10/31/16, as well as being a director/producer with Zane Hershberger on a new creature feature film called Cryptids with some other great filmmakers on the indie scene right now. So keep a look out on those for sure.

HorrorGeekLife – I knew about 10/31/16, but I’m super excited about Cryptids. You’ve already worked with some amazing people in the film industry, including Linnea Quigley and Ari Lehman. Is there anyone else you would just love to work?

Justin M. Seaman – Oh so many, Robert Englund, Bruce Campbell, Barbara Crampton, Doug Bradley, Brad Dourif…the list goes on and on.

HorrorGeekLife – Those are all amazing people and I would love to see you do a project with them. You definitely have the talent for it. Since you’re a huge fan of horror and created one of the best horror movies of 2016, I must know – what is your favorite horror movie of all time?

Justin M. Seaman – Some may say this isn’t a “true” horror film, but it’s The Monster Squad. It’s the reason I fell in love with monsters and I wanted to make my own monster movie.

Rent “The Barn” at Family Video soon!

HorrorGeekLife – Thanks again, Justin, for taking the time to talk with us. To all our readers who love horror and Halloween: The Barn is an absolute must. Buy it at and, here soon, it will also be available to rent nationwide at Family Video.

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