The internet is having itself quite the fuss over the new Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers movie due out later this year. Fans are arguing with other fans over every aspect of the film’s footage and news. Is Rita too hot? Why does Goldar look like melted cheese? Will Bryan Cranston get a moment to shine? Are the Zords faithful to the original Power Rangers television series? Of course not. It’s 2017. Hollywood has to drench all of our childhood memories in CG.


Not those memories. We repress those memories.

One thing this writer has noticed is that fans won’t get any monsters besides Goldar and the Putty Patrol (as far as we know). What a shame because Power Rangers (and it’s source material Kyōryū Sentai Zyuranger) featured some bizarre and incredible monsters! The Rangers fought everything from giant skeletons to gigantic piles of eyeballs. I personally hope that you will go back and re-visit the original Power Rangers (available on multiple streaming services) or Kyōryū Sentai Zyuranger (available at Shout!TV). To try to persuade you readers, I’ve decided to give a run down of the supporting monster cast that appear in the first twenty-five episodes of  Kyōryū Sentai Zyuranger along with their American counterpart’s name.

Episode 1 – The Birth!
Dora Titan

Known as Giant on MMPR

Dora Titan isn’t that special. It’s a guy in armor, next monster please….

Episode 2 – The Revival
Dora Skeleton

Known as Bones on MMPR

Dora Skeleton is more like it. A walking skeleton with the ability to remove his skull? What’s not to like?

Episode 3 – Fight in the Land of Despair
Dora Minotaur

Known as Mighty Minotaur on MMPR

Minotaurs are pretty cool creatures. This one is so bad ass that he can shoot lightening from his horns.

Episode 4. – Reawaken, Legendary Weapons
Dora Minotaur

Dora Minotaur’s original concept art.

The two-part episode revolves around the Rangers getting their magical weapons. Guess who gets to be their first victim?

Episode 5 – Scary Riddles
Dora Sphinx

Known as King Sphinx on MMPR.

Dora Sphinx also has a human form which is wormy and weak but his silly riddles give him the ability to defeat the Rangers.

Episode 6 – Arise, Daizyuzan!
Dora Sphinx

“Do you have a moment to speak of our Lord and Savior, Horus?”

This guy is so bad ass it takes two episodes and the reawakened Daizyuzan to kill him.

Episode 7 – I Can See! I Can See!
Dora Goblin

Known as Gnarly Gnome on MMPR

Dora Goblin’s move to American television marks the first time all new monster footage was shot for Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers.

Episode 8 – Terror! Eaten in an Instant!
Dora Circe

Known as Pudgy Pig on MMPR.

Anyone else think Dora Circe looks like Pac Man cosplaying as a Spartan?

Episode 9 – Run! Prince of Eggs
Dora Cockatrice

Known as Chunky Chicken on MMPR

Dora Cockatrice makes the second monster on Zyuranger to be featured in a 2-part story arc.

Episode 10 – Monkeys No More!
Dora Cockatrice

“It’s a sharp dressed chicken armed with scissors. ARE YOU NOT AMUSED!?”

Take note that this episode also features a royal family of monkeys. Monkeys are cool.

Episode 11 – My Master

Known as Genie on MMPR

Djinn would be the first monster featured on the series that wasn’t a creation of the series’ villains. Bandora (Rita) and her crew trick Djinn into working for her.

Episode 12 – Papa’s A Vampire?
Dora Argus

Known as Eye Guy on MMPR

Eye Guy would return for multiple episodes of Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers.

Episode 13 – Fire! The Golden Arrow!
Dora Ladon

Known as Snizzard on MMPR

Dora Ladon is destroyed using the Ranger’s Howling Cannon as opposed to the usual city smashing action.

Episode 14 – Become Small!
Fairy Dondon

Known as *sigh* Mr. Ticklesneezer on MMPR

Fairy Dondon is the second creature to survive an encounter with the Rangers.

Episode 15 – Destroy! The Dark Super Sword
Dora Knight

Known as Knasty Knight on MMPR

By far one of the slickest and bad ass looking monsters of the series.

Episode 16 – The Great Sneeze Plot
Dora Endos

Known as Pineoctopus on MMPR

As if Japanese tentacle monsters aren’t scary enough, this one features a clown human form.

Episode 17 – The Sixth Hero!
Dragon Zyuranger/Burai

Known as The Green Ranger/Tommy Oliver on MMPR

Like it’s American counterpart, the introduction of the Green Ranger would take place over multiple episodes and add a level of gravitas to the stories featuring his character.

Episode 18 – The Hate-Filled Brother’s Sword
Dragon Ranger/Burai

“I hate tuning this thing.”

Burai’s backstory carries much more weight than that of his American counterpart. Given the fantastical back story of the entire series, Burai’s story features much more mysticism and magic than Tommy’s.

Episode 19 – Female Warrior Scorpion!

Known as Scorpina on MMPR

Introduced during the Dragon Ranger’s story arc, Lamy’s backstory ends up fleshing out the villains a good deal. This is an aspect Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers would gloss over in it’s early episodes.

Episode 20 – Daizyuzin’s Last Day
Dragon Ranger/Burai

I don’t care if you can see the zipper dammit.

Fighting the Rangers during an eclipse, the Dragon Ranger really cleans house.

Episode 21 – The Guardian Beast’s Great Riot
Dragon Ranger/Burai

Mechagodzi….er, *ahem* Dragon Ceasar is known as The Dragon Zord on MMPR

Finally, what we’ve all been waiting for. A giant robot dragon fights a giant robot samurai.

Episode 22 – Combine! Gouryuzin
Dragon Ranger/Burai

Gouryuzin is known as the Dragonzord’s battle mode on MMPR

This episode brings a conclusion to the Dragon Ranger’s introduction. Like his American counterpart, he will reappear infrequently for the majority of the rest of the series.

Episode 23 – The Knuckleball of Infatuation
Dora Pixie

Known as Babe Ruthless on MMPR

This babseball themed beast also has a human form.

Episode 24 – Hope Springs A Turtle
Dora Tortise

Known as Shellshock on MMPR

Dora Tortoise is absolutely amazing. His head turns into a freaking cannon.

Episode 25 – The Park Where Demons Dwell
Dora Tarantula

Known as Spidertron on MMPR

Spidertron’s death was edited from the American broadcast of Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers. It’s a shame because it’s brutally awesome.

So that’s it everyone! There you have the villains featured in the first 25 episodes of Kyōryū Sentai Zyuranger. Hopefully this will inspire you to go back and explore this wonderfully fun series and develop an appreciation for Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers‘ source material.

“Yeah, they changed a lot for the new movie; but have you seen what all they changed from the original?”

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