Netflix’s new show ‘Travelers’ takes an old trope and gives it a fresh new twist.

The premise of Travelers is one you may have heard before: It stars five main protagonists from the future who have traveled back to our modern time so that they can save their own. This is an idea that has been used before to various success. Travelers has taken that idea, however, and made it entirely their own, with the travelers using historical records to find out a person’s exact time of death and putting their consciousness into them moments before the death occurs.

travelersWhat effectively comes into play for several characters throughout the series is that their main source of information on the people they come to inhabit is through social media, and you can see the issues that might cause when people are less than honest on their own social media accounts. This idea adds a new dimension to the characters as they have to become actors in their own right to ensure that people don’t start looking into them.

travelersThe characters themselves are all flawed individuals, adding to their realism. At times, it is clear to see there are two characters inhabiting a body at the same time – both the people that have been inhabited/the legacy they’ve left behind, and the actual travelers from the future.

The butterfly effect is clearly a concern to the characters from the future, as there are more than just our main 5 protagonists from the future. They all, however, operate separately from one another, functioning like cells, all working individually under one command to a greater goal – each following a strict set of orders to minimize the possibility to adverse effects on the timeline. This becomes a key point as the show goes on and as the changes they have made start to have an impact.

Each episode is well done as its own self-contained story. Netflix is starting to show it can reliably deliver its own exclusive content at a very high standard. This is yet another feather in their cap and just one more reason why I spend more time watching Netflix instead of more traditional television.

If you haven’t already seen Travelers, it is definitely worth your time. Bring on season 2!


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