February is Women in Horror Month and Shudder is celebrating with “A Woman’s Touch,” a brand new collection of films highlighting and honoring horror movies directed by women.

For the last day of the month, I chose Marina Sargenti’s 1990 horror thriller, Mirror Mirror. Although it’s an early 90’s film, the vibe has a cheesy 80’s vibe and stars Karen BlackYvonne De CarloWilliam SandersonRainbow HarvestKristin DattiloRicky Paull GoldinCharlie Spradling, and Tom Bresnahan.

Mirror Mirror follows the story of a teenage girl named Megan (Harvest) who, after moving into a new house, receives black magic from an antique mirror. This far from ordinary mirror begins to drip blood and brings demonic problems far stronger than she could ever imagine.

I’m so happy that I decided to pick this one as my last film for Women in Horror Month, because it was the perfect choice for my personal tastes. The story is rich in 80’s cheese with a unique plotline, wonderful characters, powerful actresses, and some epic special effects.

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I love dark magic tales and I’ve seen ones before that deal with possessed mirrors, but nothing like this. I love how little by little, the story unfolds and we see how demented the mirror really is. Mirror Mirror gives the saying, “Mirror, Mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?” a whole new look and meaning. It reminds me of a mix of The Craft, Teen Witch, and Beetlejuice… all rolled into one. And if you ask me, that’s pretty fantastic.

Although we don’t see a lot of blood and gore, there is a bit and it’s just the right amount. The special effects are amazing and give that dreamlike feel throughout the story. Enchanting and powerful, you can see why the mirror has such a strong hold on Megan and how easily it would be persuaded to stand in front of it.

mirror mirrorWhat I loved most about Mirror Mirror was the powerhouse performances by the two lead actresses – Karen Black and Rainbow Harvest (how cool is that name?). Harvest delivers a beautiful and eerie performance, much like that of Winona Ryder as Lydia Deetz in Tim Burton’s Beetlejuice. One has to wonder if that is where Burton got his inspiration from. Either way, Harvest brought her character to life and I loved seeing her transformation throughout the film. I only wish we could have seen her star in more films beyond this, and a few others.

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The legendary and strikingly beautiful Karen Black kills it in every aspect, as always. I can never take my eyes off her when she is on screen. She goes through some transformations as well, and gives a genuine performance as a wacky and eccentric, yet loving, mother. Although not a major role, it is now one of my favorite characters of hers, which says a lot since she has had a tremendous career in the horror industry.

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