Blizzard has announced a brand new expansion for Hearthstone! Watch the announcement trailer here:

“Journey to Un’Goro” will be the first expansion in Hearthstone‘s new “Year of the Mammoth,” changing up their standard mode. The “Year of the Mammoth” changes will include some well deserved nerfs to cards and moving some cards from the classic set from standard to wild.


Some of the 135 new cards announced for the expansion include:

Druid Common – Verdant Longneck. Introducing a new type of card text: adapt. Adapt is a way for cards to choose their benefit, i.e choose a deathrattle or choose taunt.

Priest Legendary – Amara, Warden of Hope. This insanely powerful card can only be attained through a new mechanic that Blizzard are introducing called quests.

Quests are one mana cards that begin a quest line during battle. Finishing the quest within the battle can be a tough feat, but clearly they can yield amazing results. Will the game be slow enough after the expansion for this to even work? Or will aggro Shaman continue to beat us down.

Personally, I am super excited for the “Year of the Mammoth.” Be sure to let us know what you think!

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