Britain has a long history of making impactive horror films, a tradition that stretches all the way back to Hammer, the studio responsible for films like Dracula and Frankenstein Created Woman and was the spearhead behind the British horror movement.

Continuing our ‘Best of British‘ series, Horror Geek Life takes a look at 9 British Horror Films The World Should Be Watching.

99. Inbred (Dir. Alex Chandon, 2011)

A group of young offenders are sent to a remote village in Yorkshire, along with there supervisors. But the village is not the sleepy little hamlet they expected. It’s a haven for inbred, murderous locals, who have no desire to be bothered by the troublesome youths. It remind me so much of the village I grew up in.

Inbred is incredibly violent, and totally unapologetic for this. It may not have the most original of plots but this seldom talked about splatter fest is an absolute must see British horror for genre fans all over the world.


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