Two nights ago, we broke the news that there is a bonus feature pre-credits on the new Logan movie. By now it’s pretty well known that the Merc with a Mouth, Deadpool, made a brief appearance to tease fans prior to the release of his second big screen outing, the imaginatively titled Deadpool 2.

There’s no denying that having Wade Wilson’s alter ego show up was a stroke of genius, even if it wasn’t in an attempt to set up a Deadpool/Logan crossover (or was it?). However, it isn’t the first time characters from the Marvel Universe, or their counterparts, have appeared in their own mini-movies. Let’s take a look back at a few of the very best examples we could find.

5. Deadpool in “No Good Deed” (2017)

Ok, so we’ve mentioned it already, but it’s the most logical place to start for anyone who hasn’t seen it yet.

In this hilarious tease for the upcoming sequel (which some are calling a trailer), Deadpool struggles to don his infamous superhero costume in a phone booth, Superman style, all while some poor old dude gets beaten to death in the street.

Check out the various Easter eggs, but mainly the blatant hint that Cable will be appearing in the movie. It was expected but it’s nice to see it in real life. Unless of course it’s a cruel rib at the hands of Ryan Reynolds?

4. The Punisher in “Dirty Laundry” (2012)

For a while it seemed like the chances of seeing Thomas Jane reprise his role as Frank Castle were slim to none. Legend has it, Jane was always willing to star in another Punisher movie, but the sequel spent far too long in developmental Hell, and by the time it was ready to shoot Jane had moved on to pastures new. Kudos then to Adi Shankar for pulling off this little piece of magic.

The film opens with a grizzled looking Frank Castle waking up in his trusty van, and deciding it would be a good idea to wash his dirty drawers. As he walks through the hustle and bustle of the streets he witnesses a gang of men roughing up a trio of prostitutes. He gives a look like “This isn’t my fight”, and continues on to the laundromat.

It’s what follows his adventures in washing his underpants that are the real highlight of this slow-burn, un-official mini movie, which also stars Ron Pearlman – ultra violent justice like on The Punisher can dish out.

3. Judge Dredd in “Superfiend” (2014)

Try as we might, we are very unlikely to get a sequel to Dredd. To his credit, Adi Shankar tried to rally Hollywood into green lighting a follow up, but despite the phenomenal DVD sales and mass rallies outside the White House (I may have dreamed that), the answer to the question was a resounding “No”.

Queue the six-part mini series Superfiend, which later made up the 27 minute one-shot of the same name. In it, Judge Sidney begins his transition into the formidable, and terrifying Judge Death, which we’re told had been the idea for the proposed trilogy Dredd was supposed to kick start.

The animation style is very reminiscent of early 1990’s MTV animation, such as The Maxx or Aeon Flux. It looks like, and unfolds like, a comic book, and as things stand may be the closest we will ever get to seeing the Dark Judges on screen.

2. Batman in “Strange Days” (2014)

To celebrate the 75th anniversary of the Batman comic book series, DC commisioned this short movie, directed by Bruce Timm, who had cut his teeth on Master of the Universe and The Real Ghostbusters.

Shot in the style of the peerless Batman: The Animated Series, this is a monochrome adventure, set in 1939, in which Batman rescues a hot blonde female from the clutches of Dr Strange. The film has the feel of a comic book caper from that era, rather than some of the darker stuff we’ve become accustomed to with the Caped Crusader.

Kevin Conroy reprises his role as the billionaire playboy come world’s greatest detective.

1. Thor in ‘Team Thor‘ (2016)

Any way you slice it, Taika Waititi is hot shit right now. For some of us, this is no revelation. With his work on films like What We do in the Shadows and Hunt for the Wilderpeople, the New Zealander of Maori and Jewish descent can seemingly do no wrong.

Despite all of this, it still came as a shock when he was announced as the director for the upcoming third installment of the Thor franchise. However, if you sit and think about it for a moment, Thor has easily been the most comedic of the recent MCU movies, so why not?

We were treated to our first glance of Waititi’s Thor last year at SDCC, with this 4 minute mockumentary about what the God of Thunder got up to while the rest of the Avengers were squabbling among themselves in Captain America: Civil War.

Oh, and if you were wondering, he moved into a flat with an office worker named Darryl and generally got on his roommates nerves. Hilarious.

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