In Resident Evil 7 you play as Ethan Winters, who has driven to the Baker residence in Louisiana after receiving a message from his missing wife. Ethan’s journey only goes downhill from there as he becomes trapped at the residence, fighting for his own life and trying to save hers as well.

resident evil 7

The story of Resident Evil 7 is set in the same universe as the other Resident Evil games, but it feels like a separate entity altogether. You could pick this up and play it without any previous Resident Evil experience and enjoy it just as much as longtime fans of the series. There are, however, little nods for gamers who have played through the other games in the series.

After setting up the controls to what best worked for me, I found the PSVR gameplay to be so amazing that I was actually more accurate with the headset than without. When the scares happen, they leave you thinking that this game was specifically developed for the PSVR. They are timed very well and come off fantastically with the headset.

Movement can take a while to find the style that suits you, but when you get it right, it’s almost second nature and is actually easier to play than on a normal screen. I even found on my second play-through that, after playing in VR, I can’t go back to playing normally as the aiming and responsiveness just doesn’t compare to what VR has to offer.

Playing through Resident Evil 7 on PSVR, it’s noticeable that they had to lower the graphics of the game slightly to support the platform. Fortunately, it’s not something that detracts from the gameplay and doesn’t make the game any less scary. The immersion of the PSVR means that you don’t normally notice the (slightly) reduced graphics as you are so drawn into the world Capcom created.

Resident Evil 7 (2017)
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