In Horizon Zero Dawn, you take on the role of Aloy in her quest to discover her past and find out who her mother is. Horizon is set thousands of years ahead of our own time after mankind has suffered a calamity. This has led to the world becoming a wild frontier populated by robotic dinosaurs, leaving humans to live like prehistoric man. Recently, the balance has changed with more and more machines becoming corrupted and aggressive towards people. This triggers the chain of events you play through.

Horizon Zero Dawn plays very much like the newer Tomb Raider or Assassins Creed 3. There is a very strong focus on resource management and gathering, especially in the start of the game. Past a certain point, however, this becomes less and less of an issue. In fact, I found that I was ending up with too many resources and not enough space. The combat is slick and easy to get into, with a surprising amount of depth. This allows you to truly master the combat and become a time-slowing, multi-arrow shooting badass.Horizon Zero DawnThe skill trees are varied to suit different play styles, but I would recommend getting lure call as soon as possible. It’s quite broken at the start of the game and will ensure you are leaving piles of unsuspecting corpses surrounding which ever tall grass you are hiding in. You are also able to kite enemies with this skill from such an impressive distance, I’m sure that in reality Aloy is shouting at them.

You will never feel unstoppable because, as good as you get, the sheer variety of enemies and unique tactics you employ for each one means that as soon as the enemy types start mixing, the challenge begins. The AI for the enemies is very well done and, as much as you are trying to trap and exploit them, you will find they are doing the same to you. They will flank you and work together, which provides very intense and challenging fights.

The world that Guerrilla Games has created is an immense, living, breathing world that had me engrossed from the opening cut scene and orchestral music. It is very rare to form such a strong emotional bond with a game so quickly and is a testament to Guerrilla Games’ story telling and world building.Horizon Zero DawnGraphically, Horizon Zero Dawn is breath-taking with close attention to detail on the character models and amazing lighting and particle effects, which left me spending the first 10 minutes just wondering around staring at everything slack-jawed. As is with many of these open world games, the entire play area opens up to you gradually and once fully opened up, it leaves you a huge expanse to explore, teeming with both organic and inorganic lifeforms.

Horizon Zero Dawn
That big guy your standing on is a long neck there awesome

To revel the map in Horizon Zero Dawn, you climb massive lumbering dinosaurs called “long necks.” The biggest challenge is usually finding a tall enough rock to jump off onto them and not get eaten while you are waiting for it to come by.

Horizon Zero Dawn
Yeah you need to climb that

Guerrilla Games have made an instant classic with Horizon Zero Dawn, with a strong narrative that has you enthralled from the offset and easy to pick up game play with hidden depths. Below is gameplay footage I recorded, so you can check it out for yourself:

Horizon Zero Dawn (2017)
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