One of my favorite horror movies that came out last year was Justin Seaman’s The Barn, which is a wonderful 80’s retro that centers around Halloween. It was everything I loved rolled into one and, so far, the horror community agrees. Mitchell Musolino is the star of the film and recently talked with HorrorGeekLife about how he got involved in the industry, his character in The Barn, upcoming films, and more!

Mitchell Musolino

HorrorGeekLife – Thanks again, for talking with us Mitchell, we can’t wait to pick your brain! How long have you wanted to work in the film industry and why?

Mitchell Musolino – The earliest I can remember asking my mom to get me into a movie was 6 years old. I was watching something, and told her, “Mom, get me into these!  I want to do this stuff, even if it’s Barney.”  But she never knew how, so I didn’t get a start until I was about 18.

HorrorGeekLife – Well, that’s cool that you knew at such a young age, and 18 is still young to start in the business! What was your first project and did you like it?

Mitchell Musolino – My first gig was actually just a little video my friend Mark wrote for us to do while I was in Boston visiting for a week one time. It was called Little Lion Man, about a young man who had been staying with his older brother, except that his older brother was dead, and my character was basically just “imagining” him since he wasn’t ready to let his older brother go. I liked it because it was with my friend, and it made this girl I had a crush on at the time cry.

HorrorGeekLife – Aww, that’s cute! How did you become involved with you recent hit film, The Barn?

Mitchell Musolino – So, I had been living out in Massachusetts with my friend Mark for a while, trying to get a career started to no avail. I moved home after I opened a fortune cookie and it said, “You will find luck when you return home.” I took it quite literally. So I came home, and for about 6 months I didn’t leave my house. Finally after the money I had worked up in Boston started getting low, I began looking for paid acting gigs to try to get my feet wet, and make some easy money. The Barn was casting and I went to audition.

I was originally selected to audition for the roles of Josh and Russell, but after Justin had seen me in person, and my performances, he asked me to try to read for Sam that day as well. He gave me about 10 minutes to prepare, so I read over the monologue as many times as I could, and went back into that room, and stuck the audition. The rest is history.

The Barn became a passion project for me very quickly, though, after seeing Justin’s 20-year-old comic book he had made when he was a kid.  I couldn’t treat someone’s dream movie as just a paycheck, and it taught me such a valuable lesson… Never treat any project as “just a paycheck.”  Everything you do needs to be done with passion if you want to succeed!

HorrorGeekLife – That’s an exciting process and a wonderful lesson to learn. You play the character of Sam, who is obsessed with Halloween. Can you relate to him at all?

The Barn
Mitchell as Sam in The Barn

Mitchell Musolino – At first, I was the mirror opposite of Sam. I liked Halloween, but never celebrated it much, and I was never a big fan of scary movies (which I’m sure Sam and his pals probably are… were). But very quickly, being around Justin and Zane Hershberger (our DP), you fall in love with those very things. They’re like little kids in a candy store when they start talking about horror movies and Halloween. I just sort of adapted to that, and now it feels like Sam is basically just my alter ego.

HorrorGeekLife – You’re one of us now! Would you take part in a sequel for The Barn if it happens?

Mitchell Musolino – Without question! This movie changed my life in such a positive way, I would do 20 more if Justin wanted me to. If Justin decides he can do another one and is on the fence about putting Sam back in…  fucking DO IT, JUSTIN!

HorrorGeekLife – I think there’s a great chance that it could happen and I agree, you better be in it! What was it like to work with Ari Lehman and Linnea Quigley?

Linnea Quigley The Barn
Linnea in The Barn

Mitchell Musolino – It was surreal! Hell, even being in the same room as them was a little bit of a “pinch me moment.” Ari and Linnea bring just such positive energy to the sets, and coming from such popular past projects, to our small indie movie… they were just incredibly humble the entire time. They had a blast with the cast and crew, they made jokes, did funny takes, talked about whatever you wanted to talk to them about. They’re seriously two of the coolest people you could ask to have in your company.

HorrorGeekLife – I love hearing that, such an awesome experience to work with seasoned talent. Are you surprised by all the love The Barn has received from fans and the horror community?

Mitchell Musolino – I’m blown away by it. We had such a rocky road during the entire process of this film, that almost none of us had much confidence left after it was finished.  We were fearful on how the horror community would receive it. Thank GOD…. we’ve been praised, and complimented, and accepted by so many that I’ve been brought to tears on multiple occasions from the amount of love that I and the movie have gotten. I couldn’t be more thankful for the support. It’s unreal.

HorrorGeekLife – I love how humble and grateful you are, so refreshing to see. If you could play one of the 3 monsters in The Barn, which one would you pick?

Mitchell Musolino – Well, I actually had to step into Hallowed Jack, and The Boogeyman costumes for some B-roll shots a few times. So if I had to pick one… I would say, Candycorn Scarecrow. You can almost not breathe in Jack’s costume, and the Boogeyman’s costume requires really think contact lens, and that just looks painful. Crow’s costume looks the comfiest!

The Barn
Hallowed Jack, The Boogeyman, Candycorn Scarecrow in The Barn

HorrorGeekLife – Well, if you have to be stuck in a costume all day it might as well be comfy, so good thinking. Do you have any upcoming projects that you’d like to talk about?

Mitchell Musolino – I am involved in a couple anthologies coming up here pretty soon!  Cryptids and 10/31/16. Both involve a majority of The Barn team and are both going to kick some major ass, so keep a look out for those! I promised the fans on Facebook not long ago that I will keep trying to step my game up to make future projects just as good, if not, better than The Barn, so hopefully I can deliver on that promise starting with these. The pressure is on!

HorrorGeekLife – I’m excited about all of those projects! If given the opportunity do you want to branch out to other genres as well?

Mitchell Musolino – Yes, absolutely. Well, drama has always been my “niche,” but I want to try to have the most versatile career I can if I’m lucky enough to have a blossoming acting career. Like Johnny Depp, who does so many great movies, and always switches genres.  That’s what I would like to do as well. I want to show people I’m not a one-trick pony.

HorrorGeekLife – I have no doubt that you’ll do great things in the industry, this is just the beginning. What is your favorite horror movie of all time?

Mitchell Musolino – Of all time… The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974)! I saw it when I was 3, scared the shit out of me, never watched horror again for a long time. I finally went back after I matured enough, and because it had such an impact on me as a child, it was that much more enjoyable.

HorrorGeekLife – I can imagine that Leatherface would be pretty terrifying to a 3-year-old. (Laughs) If you could work with anyone in the industry who would it be?

Mitchell Musolino – My top actor I would die to work with would be Leonardo DiCaprio. I revere his work and study the hell out of it. Leo’s the man!

My top director (besides Justin Seaman, love ya buddy) would be either Martin Scorsese or James Cameron. Both of them make such beautiful pieces of cinematic history every time they sit in that director’s chair. I would do anything to be a part of that experience.

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