Let’s take a trip back to 1972. The Godfather first hit the cinema, Billy Joe Armstrong of Green Day was born, and it’s also the year that Pong became a gaming phenomenon. At first, the game was confined to the arcade machine, but three years later, it escaped right into your front room.


Coming back into 2017, where reboots are apparently a thing, Pong itself is coming back to your living room in the form a coffee table. Daniel Perdomo and the Table Pong Project crew are bringing it back in a slick way. Currently raising funds via Kickstarter, the project looks utterly epic. Given that they have the backing of Atari, you can see why the effort has gone into making this brilliant new addition to your house.


The table itself is a modern take on the gaming tables of old. It’s a sleek, clever design and is truly a full entertainment machine. The game itself plays out as you remember, but uses magnets instead of a digital screen. From the video, the game plays smoothly and keeps score via a digital display. Reliving your childhood is not the only thing you can do on this, however. The table gives you the ability to play music via bluetooth and charge your phone. The controls of the game neatly tuck away so that you can use it as a coffee table.

At the time of writing, there’s 26 days to go and it’s about halfway to being funded. Personally, with the backing of Atari, this could end up being in many bars and cafes, as well as your living room. Imagine having your friends over for two types of beer pong!

If you think it’s a stormer of an idea, their kickstarter has all the information you need to make this. I’ll be following this one closely for sure!

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