Other Ocean Interactive confirmed today that it will release the highly anticipated Giant Cop: Justice Above All on Oculus Rift during EGX Rezzed in London UK, 10:00am (GMT), March 30th, 2017. Although the game will be available at EGX, it will not be on Steam or Humble Bundle yet.

Synopsis: You ARE Giant Cop! It’s your first day on the job and you need to hit the ground running in order to keep the citizens of Micro City safe. Use your size to your advantage as you tower high above the city streets enforcing the law, and use your wits to uncover a criminal plot that threatens the future of Micro City!

Micro City is broken into districts, each with a distinct identity where pedestrians react to your every move. As Giant Cop, players can explore and play in the city, while being tasked with missions like ridding the city of the savage cabbage, cleaning up neighborhood crimes, and keeping pesky protests under control. It is a satirical, narrative driven VR game, a vibrant 70’s styled open world with a sandbox design, giving you the freedom to fight crime in a giant way.

​”Other Ocean is delighted to get Giant Cop into the hands of players. This is a game specifically designed for a Virtual Reality experience as opposed to a game that was pushed to fit,” said Deirdre Ayre, Other Ocean’s Head of Operations. “It’s the world’s first, and only, open world, giant-sized, VR comic crime drama,” added Ayre.

“A key feature in Giant Cop is the open world in which you can explore Micro City,” said Ryan Hale, Studio Head for Other Ocean. “Our team deliberately built Micro City with sandbox gameplay in mind. This allows players a 3-4 hour experience of gameplay uncovering the crime syndicate that threatens Micro City. But if you want to just explore the world and find hidden interactive objects you can do that too – it’s limitless really.” said Hale.Other Ocean is partnered with multiplatform entertainment company SKYBOUND ​Entertainment, founded by The Walking Dead​ creator Robert Kirkman and business partner David Alpert. The partnership has allowed The Walking Dead characters and Easter Eggs to be integrated into Giant Cop: Justice Above All ​exclusively to SKYBOUND ​Insiders. SKYBOUND Insiders is a free membership program which will also grant Giant Cop game owners updates, special offers and future merchandise features.

Giant Cop will first release on the Oculus Store ​for the Oculus Rift + Touch, priced at $24.99 USD. Releases for other VR platforms will follow in the coming months. Giant Cop ​was developed at Other Ocean’s St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador studio with valued support from the Canada Media Fund.

Visit the Steam store here!

Visit the Humble store here!


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