We recently reviewed Syfy’s new film, Atomica, which was released in select theaters on March 17th and on VOD and Digital HD on March 21st. The futuristic sci-fi thriller follows Abby (Sarah Habel), a safety inspector traveling to a nuclear power plant due to the plant’s communications going offline. When she arrives to bring them back online, she encounters two employees, Robinson (Dominic Monaghan) and Zek (Tom Sizemore), who may not have the best of intentions.

We were excited to have an opportunity to speak with Sarah Habel, who is currently starring in CW’s Riverdale, about her lead role in Atomica!

Syfy’s Atomica – Dominic Monaghan, Tom Sizemore, Sarah Habel

HorrorGeekLife: You had such a strong lead role with a great cast! What did you enjoy most about your role as Abby?

Sarah Habel: I think what I enjoyed most was just the challenge of it. I mean, it’s so much more strained, contained, and controlled than any other role I’ve ever played. So, I’m thankful to have the opportunity to just go for that. I’m also in almost every scene, which is a huge challenge in and of itself. I mean, just them having that trust within me was huge and I’m just grateful that I got to do it.

HorrorGeekLife: The location of the nuclear power plant looked very authentic. Where was the location? 

Sarah Habel: Dude, it was like nothing I’ve ever seen. I wish I could take you on a tour right now. The location itself is an abandoned underground nuclear missile launching site. It was 70 feet underground, 40 degrees, bats flying around, nests from little rodents. It was enormous and sprawling, really scary. The weight of that feeling of being in that place was almost like a character in and of itself. It was so intimidating.

HorrorGeekLife: Oh wow, so it was authentic. That’s even better! You were on set with two fantastic actors. Was that intimidating?

Sarah Habel: It was great! Dominic and Tom are both such professionals, so funny, and strong and really great to be around. I was a little bit of a fish out of water, being thrust into this scary place with this huge challenge. But they were so supportive and wonderful. I was super lucky to get to work with them.

HorrorGeekLife: It’s great to hear that it was such a great experience. What do you hope that people take away from your character?

Sarah Habel: My character’s main thrust, everything about her, is that she’s just looking for the truth. I think that the truth is something very important to pursue. No matter what challenges you are faced with, just keep going for the good and for the truth. That was Abby’s message and I hope that resonates with people.

HorrorGeekLife: It definitely does! Lastly, you’ve had roles in horror with Hostel: Part III and sci-fi. Do you think you’ll continue to explore the genres? And do you have any upcoming projects?

Sarah Habel: I just worked on Riverdale, which is a show in the style of Twin Peaks sort of. I hope that character continues, and that’s it for the moment. And I love any genre. It’s like a specific kind of play to play in. I’m up for whatever genre feels right and whichever character feels right. I’m not specifically married to anything. I’m happy to get to try them all. As actors, we have to be chameleons and we have to be ready to adjust and adapt and explore. That makes you flex your muscle a little bit.


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