Gray Bear Comics has launched a Kickstarter campaign for issue three of their Lovecraftian horror series Speak No Evil. The story follows two teenage brothers, Silas and Edwin, as they fight monsters from another dimension.In issue one, the brothers get into some trouble with the Murphy gang. While hiding, they stumble upon a mysterious cabin that was once used by H.P. Lovecraft and Nikola Tesla for otherworldly experiments. In issue two, this gang, headed by Nix and Louis, catches up to the brothers at the cabin. Unfortunately for them, they were forced to deal with the horror that is Aathemon. We also met the female protagonist, Effie.

Issue three continues the fight against Aathemon, and also takes a look back at how Nix and Louis became the leaders of the Murphy gang. That storyline parallels what the boys are going through and foreshadows what is to come.There are a lot of great rewards for Speak No Evil’s Kickstarter, but one of the most unique is a “Director’s Cut” version of issue one. Gray Bear Comics funded their original issue one through Kickstarter, but worked on a few areas that they felt could be improved upon. This reward gives fans an opportunity to check out the new version, including a new cover. If you were a previous backer, you will get the digital version of the director’s cut for free.

Issue One Director’s Cut, featuring a new cover from Samir Simão

I did review the first issue of Speak No Evil, which you can read here, and will be covering the second issue this week. This is one of my favorite new comic series, so definitely check it out!

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