Italy has produced some fine horror icons.  Argento, Bava–shit, they even have their own genre of horror: Giallo.  Another of the Italian titans of horror is Lucio Fulci, who brought us films like Don’t Torture a Duckling, City of the Living Dead, The Beyond and The House By the Cemetery.  Perhaps Fulci’s best known contribution to the horror world, though, is 1979’s Zombie.

I’ve been a fan of Zombie since I first convinced the local video store owner to let me rent it when I was way too young to do so.  It’s a wonderful film–a solid plot, an awesome soundtrack and balls to the blood-splattered wall gore!  That was the big draw for me, and if you’ve never seen Fulci’s Zombie you’re missing out on some classic gore and effects.

Fulci’s Zombie
Fulci’s Zombie

Like many horror film fans, I’m also a huge fan of horror comics, and there are plenty of unique series on the market.  The folks over at Eibon Press took horror fandom to an all new level last year when they released an extremely limited edition comic of Fulci’s Zombie. I personally didn’t get word of the release soon enough to catch a copy of the first printing, but luckily for me, Eibon Press issued a second printing, which I picked up, and I’ve been a collector of every issue ever since.  The Fulci’s Zombie comic experience is just that:  an experience.  It’s more of a comic “package,” and for the price, it is one hell of a deal!

Let me break it all down for you.

First off, this comic’s construction is badass!  You’re getting 36 pages of high gloss content, with thick cardstock covers.  Plus, the comic comes nestled in an Eibon Press exclusive “Eibon Sleeve,” which is basically like a vinyl record sleeve.  Nobody else offers that!  To top it all off, everything gets shrink wrapped and mailed to you in a kickass, crush-proof box.

Lucio Fulci's Zombie Comic Contents

This is a seriously collectible comic, guys!

In addition to the comic itself, you also get a sleeve notes booklet, which acts as a kind of certificate of authenticity. Add to that a couple of exclusive stickers, a bookmark and a full cover 5×7 bookplate (for the first 250 copies) and you’ve got a Lucio Fulci fanboy’s wet dream! Oh yeah, you have the choice of purchasing an autographed copy or unsigned version with each release, further enhancing the collectability of this series.

Now, let’s talk about the artwork, shall we?

I’ve seen my share of “gory” comics, from The Walking Dead to any number of Dark Horse picks, but the artwork inside of Eibon Press’s Fulci’s Zombie is by far the goriest and most beautiful piece I’ve ever seen.  From Michael Broom’s amazing cover art to Derek Rook’s interior work, these things are dripping with images that blow even the original film away.  Add to that Stephen Romano’s amazing writing and you’re left with one of the best horror comics you’ll ever lay eyes on.
Lucio Fulci's Zombie Comic Zombie VS. Shark

But here’s the thing: Fulci’s Zombie is NOT available in any comic store.  You’re gonna have to visit to order past copies (if there are any left…) and future issues.  You’re gonna pay twice what a normal comic costs, but you’re getting a shitload more content and additional items.  I can’t WAIT for the next issue to get to me because in this issue we get a 5-inch vinyl sample of the Zombie film soundtrack!

If I still haven’t made you a fan of Eibon Press, listen to this: they just released the first issue of their new series, Gates of Hell, which follows another Lucio Fulci classic, City of the Living Dead, and they plan to release the same kind of comic series for Bottomfeeder and Maniac! If you’re into horror comics do you yourself a favor, head over to and check out their store.  If you order and read just one issue you’ll be hooked, I guarantee it.

I am a fan of horror—both literature and film. I am also a published author, and while I have yet to receive a literary award, I did get a gold star on a middle school English paper once. I'm also an Army veteran and served in Iraq during Operation Iraqi Freedom. My work has been published in Sanitarium Magazine, as well as the World War I horror anthology “Kneeling in the Silver Light,” and my first novel, "Greetings from Barker Marsh," was released in September, 2016. I live in Florida with his beautiful wife and daughter. Follow me at

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