So far, the Nintendo Switch is a great hybrid console to play The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild on, which is basically what’s driving sales right now. This may change, however, as more games are set to come out over the next several months. One of those titles is Splatoon 2, whose first game came out on the Wii U in May 2015. This sequel comes out out summer 2017.

I’ve had the opportunity to play the extremely restricted beta. When I say restricted, they only had the servers up for a total of 6 hours worldwide. Most games lately run them over a weekend to stress test the servers. Not quite sure what they aimed to achieve with this strategy, but sure they know what they’re doing.

For those new to the Splatoon series, it’s a third person online shooter where you control characters called Inklings. As an Inkling, you have the ability transform from human to squid at your leisure. There is no reported single player mode.

There’s a very quick tutorial and away you go into battle. You have 4 weapons at your disposal to paint the town red… or, in my case, yellow. At first, the game will force you to use the motion sensitive play style. I found that utterly awful, as it wasn’t intuitive at all. Once I switched that off, it was a lot better. Graphically it looks great, both in docked and portable mode and plays very smooth too.

The only game mode seemingly available was Turf War. You have 3 minutes to cover more of the map in your ink than the other team. I’ve had quite a few shades of the rainbow so far to spray about. Thankfully, no white colour for the reasons I’m sure you can work out for yourself. The matches are fast, frantic but quite enjoyable. You can either try and cover the ground as much as you can, or go and take out the other team.

To start with, you get 4 weapon choice- Splattershot, Splat Roller, Splat Charger, Splat Dualies. Essentially, shotgun, melee, sniper and dual pistol. Both with their good and bad points. I found myself doing well with the dualies, but the Splat Roller was not my friend at all. Reloading is quirky, you essentially turn into a squid and submerge yourself in your own ink to refill. Submerging acts as a reload and also stealthy way to escape battles

The common theme when I play online shooters is still apparent on Splatoon 2. My kill/death ratio is hysterical. My good friend Tom, who frequently watches my head disappear on Battlefield 1, will agree. Thankfully, the main part the match is to spray your load on the floor. Let’s face it, I was going to make that joke at some point in this article.

Nintendo haven’t been the best at online play from their track record, hopefully Splatoon 2 will give them a stepping stone at least. Definitely one for online shooter fans and something to keep kids entertained.

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