What has two thumbs, loves peanut butter & jelly sandwiches and is hella late to the party? This guy. Nearly three years after its release in 2014, however, I’ve finally seen WolfCop, Lowell Dean’s glorious midnight movie about an alcoholic cop turned alcoholic… werewolf… cop. If it sounds like your glass of whiskey, it probably is. And if it doesn’t, well, what are you even reading this for?

Written and directed by Lowell Dean, WolfCop follows Lou Garou (Leo Fafard), an alcoholic cop in a small town who is more content to drink and sleep rather than do any sort of police work. When town loon and gun enthusiast Willie Higgins (Jonathan Cherry) phones in a complaint of occult activity, Garou is forced to investigate, eventually being marked with a curse that changes him into a werewolf. As his newfound abilities become prominent, so do his impressive new cop skills. Scott Howard had basketball, Lou Garou has the goddamn law. Werewolf skills are the best skills.

WolfCop is a blast from start to finish, offering a compelling police story and plenty of ridiculous cheese (including the classiest jail cell sex scene, probably ever) throughout. Lowell Dean’s script and direction are confident and knowledgeable of what audiences want from a film such as this, and the performances are incredibly fun.


Leo Fafard is poised to be a new horror favorite as Garou/WolfCop. His performance as Garou is understated and funny while his WolfCop comes across as a killer combination of 80’s movie cops. He’s cool, he’s rebellious, he’s damn good at his job. Jonathan Cherry, too, is funny as hell in the film, stealing nearly every scene and providing consistent laughs with his backwoods demeanor and dialogue delivery.

The effects featured in WolfCop are top-notch as well, especially during the transformation scenes. These moments bring to mind the practical effects of the 1980’s, and I fucking loved it. Upon finishing WolfCop, I learned of a sequel, Another WolfCop, that again was written and directed by Lowell and returns the core cast of this film. Needless to say, I’ll be seeking that out – which is exactly what you should do as well.

You can stream WolfCop right now on Netflix!

WolfCop (2014)
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