A terrifying new teaser trailer for the Stephen King It remake has just been released.  We get see the iconic moment Georgie loses his newspaper sailboat while playing in a rainstorm. It also takes us into the tunnels for a brief glimpse at Pennywise on the attack. There are many scenes featured that were not in the original films, so it’s great to see that it isn’t an updated shot-for-shot remake.

Horror fans have either loved or hated the idea of an It remake, and I’ve remained optimistic. While I grew up loving the 1990 made-for-TV films, they never did the novel of the same name justice. I’ve longed to see a darker Derry and Pennywise, and it seems like we’re finally getting just that.

Be sure to let us know what you thought of the It remake teaser trailer and stay tuned for more updates! The film is set for release September 8, 2017.

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  1. Great review, Melissa. I don’t consider this a remake. The first IT aired on tv so that doesn’t count for me. I remember reading IT in the 80s & dreaming of a way it could have been a film. It was always cinematic!

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