Gray Bear Comics has released Issue #2 of their Lovecraftian horror comic series Speak No Evil. I absolutely loved Issue #1, which introduced us to brothers Edwin and Silas as they’re on the run after pulling one too many scams. They find themselves in an abandoned cabin once occupied by H.P. Lovecraft and Nikola Tesla, who ran experiments and tinkered with other dimensions. Ever curious, Edwin and Silas can’t help but open boxes that shouldn’t be opened.

Speak No Evil Issue #2 picks up immediately with the brothers unloading a crate full of mysterious weapons and tools. As they’re playing with the box’s contents, they’re interrupted by a group of mobsters they’ve been on the run from and come close to meeting their demise. However, the boys are saved (for now) by a huge centipede-type creature, Aathemon, that has been set free. We get a glimpse of what the monster is capable of, even possession.

We’re also introduced to a street-wise female protagonist named Effie who runs a few scams of her own. While she isn’t a saint by any means, Effie is an instantly likable character who gives as good as she gets. Her scenes were brutal and even a bit cringeworthy, but in a way that horror fans will appreciate. I’m interested to see her story and what she brings to the boys’ adventures.

The story kept a good pace from start to finish. We get to know the brothers’ playful personalities more while getting to the action quickly. All without losing substance in favor of bloodshed. Speaking of, Speak No Evil Issue #2 doesn’t go light on the gore. Blood splatter, guts, decapitated heads… it’s all here. The creature scenes are beautiful, chaotic, and intense. The artwork by Samir Simão is beyond impressive and is elevated by the rich color from Chunlin Zhao. The cover alone is fucking magnificent.

As Gray Bear Comics’ debut series, Speak No Evil now has two successful issues that are loaded with great characters and plenty of blood splatter to satisfy any gorehound. The company is currently campaigning to get Issue #3 funded. You can check out the Kickstarter here.

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Speak No Evil Issue #2
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