There aren’t many times in gaming when you can sit back and actually just enjoy the beauty in something, that is what makes Everything so damn enjoyable.

Everything was released last month on PS4 and will be available April 21st, 2017 on PC and Mac. I had the privilege of spending my weekend diving endlessly into the wonderful worlds that it offers. In doing so, I’ve been able to come up with only one conclusion… this game is life changing.


As a gamer for all my life, I understand that many gaming reviews come with a certain level of hyperbole.  With franchise games coming out every other (or sometimes every) year, we are inundated with a constant barrage of adjectives about how a game will be “unforgettable” or “ground-breaking” only to be bored after 20 minutes of gameplay due to the only changes being a few additional levels or weapons and some very frustrating button remapping.


It is tough to explain exactly what Everything is because well, it is in fact, everything. The game allows you to inhabit and control anything that you can see. It even allows your to play things that you can’t see. Have you ever wanted to walk around as a ladybug? You can do that in Everything. Have you ever wanted to look down on Earth as the Sun? You can do that in Everything. Have you ever wanted to be a rock and go rolling down a hill with your other rock friends? Well, that’s a bit strange, but no worries you can do that in Everything too! You can be anything and everything you want to be from a tiny microbe to a gigantic solar system.


If that sounds confusing, don’t worry it becomes quite clear once you sit down to play. For those that enjoy a more task based approach to gaming, they also included that as well in the form of puzzles and discoveries to be made along the way. I do not, however, think that is what creator David OReilly truly intended on player glean from this.


Everything is a truly remarkable breakthrough in the way we think about gaming. Endless bits of philosophical thinking combined with simple gameplay allows you to be whisked away in the universe that you also help shape and create.

In today’s current gaming climate it is immensely important to remember just how interconnected we all are. This is something that Everything really hammers home with dazzling precision.  This is an absolute for must play for all gamers.

Everything (PS4 - 2017)


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