Twenty years ago, Quake set new standards for multiplayer competition and pushed the boundaries for graphics and gameplay. The fast, skill-based arena-style competition that turned the original Quake games into multiplayer legends is making a triumphant return with Quake Champions.

The highly anticipated closed beta is set to begin April 6th. To see what’s in store, check out the game’s website, which is loaded with details on many of the arenas, weapons and champions you’ll be able to experience. To celebrate the closed beta, Bethesda has released a new gameplay trailer, showing off all the frantic, skill-based fragging and intense speed players can expect from the next great Quake multiplayer game.

It won’t be too much longer before you’ll be able to get your hands on the heart-thumping arena-style FPS and see for yourself just how fast it is, running at 120hz with unlocked framerates. With plans for leagues, tournaments and more, Quake Champions is poised to be an eSports powerhouse. You can learn more about id Software’s approach to eSports in this interview with Tim Willits.

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