A new update for Slayaway Camp is now available on the App Store. It adds a ton of bonus content and a new gore-free PG mode that lets you focus on the puzzles if your stomach just isn’t strong enough for all the cubic camper kill carnage.

The iOS Version 1.1 release includes:

  • All-new PG (Puzzle Game) Mode scrubs away every ounce of blood, gore, and general horror movie havoc to let squeamish players focus on solving the mind-melting puzzles in relative safety.
  • Added tons of extra kill scenes! Now every single murderer has their own custom Gorepack that unlocks when you find them.
  • Congratulations to our community contest-winner: the “Batprince” killer can now be unlocked using your Skull Coins on the Mystery Box!
  • PG Mode unlocks the “Yo! Skullface! After School Special” bonus mini-game, which is really just the Faces of Killed mini-game, but features Skullface practicing his murderous technique on inanimate targets.
  • Enabled the latest Killer Kode in the options menu, and moved the “Enter Killer Kode” button to a more accessible spot in the menu. NEAR THE TOP!
  • Updates to Movie Store tutorial to make the Mystery Box more obvious and the tutorial process a little more straightforward.
  • ‘Movie Complete’ achievements should now be triggering on all movies. It should also retroactively trigger achievements for movies you’ve already completed.
  • Fixes to some textures that had become distorted beyond what is reasonably acceptable within this space-time continuum.
  • Improved timing and general well-being of animations when viewing Gorepacks from the Movie Store shelf.
  • A few additional optimizations and minor bug fixes.

Slayaway Camp is a really fun game, especially if you have a love of classic horror slashers and enjoy slide puzzles. If you’d like to read more about my experiences playing on PC, please check out my review here!

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