Melbourne theatrical horror rock band Darkness Visible has announced the upcoming release of their ninth music video, titled “Breaking Point”, and are assuring fans that it will be as over-the-top as music videos come.

breaking point
We can dig it.

Band member and co-director, David Black, has described the new music video as “Benny Hill meets Troma,” so if bad taste is your thing, “Breaking Point” will surely be right up your alley. The video itself stars several talented actors from the indie movie industry in Melbourne, Australia, as well as top burlesque and carny performers in addition to a few personalities from the fetish scene that defy description.

“After 8 music videos, I decided that now was the time to pull out all the stops.  This time it was no holds barred and take no prisoners!” said Mr. Black. It’s a medical fetish Ozploitation video that has clowns with chainsaws, jelly wrestling in vomit, giant syringes being shoved up bums, dwarves with dildos, boobs, gimps and streaming pus! What more could a person want in a music video?”

Sign us the hell up!

“Breaking Point” will be live on YouTube in the coming weeks along with an event on the video’s Facebook page. Be sure to check it out early in case the site pulls the boundary-pushing vid, but keep your fingers crossed that it lasts forever.

The “Breaking Point” music video’s Facebook page can be found here, and head over here to check out the page of Darkness Visible.

If you want to see the eight previous music videos from the band, you can check them out at I Bleed Indie for no cost at all.

breaking point

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