Heroes get remembered, but legends never die. In celebration of National Pet Day, we thought it’d be fitting to discuss perhaps the most legendary pet in the history of cinema- though he doesn’t typically gain the appreciation that he deserves. That badass, vengeful, murderous pet is none other than a German Shepherd named Beast.

national pet day

The real hero of 2006’s incredible remake of The Hills Have Eyes, Beast gains revenge on the mutant hill-people for the deaths of several members of his family and for the vicious death of his German Shepherd counterpart, Beauty. Immediately following the deaths of Beauty, Bob, Ethel, & Lynn as well as the sexual assault against unsung heroine Brenda, Beast takes matters into his own paws, tracking a mutant named Goggle and savagely tearing out his goddamn throat.

The following morning, Doug and Beast set off into the hills to rescue Catherine, the baby daughter of Doug and Lynn who has been taken captive by the mutants. Doug, who is frequently criticized for his lack of courage, grows a spine so-to-speak and successfully takes out several mutants, rescuing his daughter in the process- though again, not without the help of Beast who mauls the unforgettable, chair-ridden Big Brain to death.

the hills have eyes
Looks like it’s breakfast time after all, huh bitch?

Viewers are then presented with the hero shot (pictured above) of Doug and Beast returning to the still-living Brenda and Bobby with Catherine intact. On a day in which we’re meant to celebrate our pets (something we should be doing every day of our lives), we tip our caps to Beast- legendary German Shepherd, defender of the Carter family, and superior horror movie pet.

For each of the bloody kills (Beast’s included) from Alexandre Aja’s remake of The Hills Have Eyes, click here and witness the kill count. Happy National Pet Day!

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