Battle royale shooter Last Man Standing launched for free and offers players $10,000 in cash prizes each month to those at the top of the leaderboards. Leaderboards are based on an individual’s top 10 performances each month and reset at the start of every month so everyone has equal opportunity to finish atop of the boards.

Developed with feedback from professional gamers and streamers, Last Man Standing also features seasonal tournaments for even more cash prizes. It is an adrenaline fueled, non-stop shoot out where players must outwit, outgun and outplay opponents to ultimately be crowned the “Last Man Standing” in a massive dynamic warzone.

Players are thrown into the battlefield with up to 100 other players, fighting each other and searching the environment for weaponry and attachments to enhance their tactical style and get the edge in competition modes. Earn rewards, compete for prizes and fight for glory or death.

Download the game HERE

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