I love 80’s horror, especially slasher films. There’s something about the subgenre that allows you to relax and take a step back from the rest of the world while enjoying a cheesy story with ridiculously fun kills. They don’t involve much thinking and they’re pure entertainment. Director Drew Marvick loves this decade as well, which is why I’ve been highly anticipating his new film Pool Party Massacre, that I was finally able to watch. Is his love for horror embedded within the film? Find out below.

Pool Party Massacre is Drew Marvick‘s big film debut, as he not only wrote and directed the film but was involved in many other ways as well. The story is nostalgically fun and most definitely a blood-soaked love letter to 80’s horror, featuring an awesome cast that includes LeeAnna Vamp, Kristin Noel McKusickDestiny Faith NelsonJenifer MarvickAlexis AdamsCrystal Stoney, Mark JusticeNick Byer, and more.

As you can already imagine, the story revolves around a pool party – the worst pool party ever. Blair Winthrope (McKusick) is throwing a little get-together while her parents are out of town and has invited all of her rich bitchy friends. However, a day of fun in the sun quickly turns into a bloodbath when an unknown killer shows up and makes them disappear one by one. Will any of them survive?

Pool Party Massacre was everything I wanted it to be and more. It should win an award for cheesy horror goodness of the highest stature. Drew delivered the perfect mix of comedy and horror, making the viewer laugh and cringe simultaneously. Plus, his knowledge of horror and cinema in general can be seen throughout the film, which I thought was a great trademark.

The characters and the actors who played them were fun and provided nostalgic commentary. There are scenes in which Ferris Bueller is compared to Fight Club, can you imagine? The main females are the typical hot chicks (all boobs, no brains) that you love to hate. They are spoiled, greedy, and don’t care about anyone but themselves, minus two of them. I couldn’t stand Blair from the moment she opened her mouth, which means McKusick did a phenomenal job with her role. The standout performances to me were given by Crystal Stoney, Margaux Némé, and Nick Byer.

pool party massacre

What I love most about Pool Party Massacre was the bloody and gory kills. They were epic, thought out carefully, and they didn’t hold back. It was bloody in the most beautiful way. Plus, all the effects were practical and cheesy… meaning no CGI in this slasher, baby! At one point, a guy has his intestines literally fall out into a pizza box. Sounds appetizing, huh? However, my favorite kill above all was a weedwacker to a bush- and not the outdoor kind!

Last but not least, I love how the viewer is so caught up in the awesome kills, blood, and gore that they almost forget that the explanation for why all of this is happening is still unknown. The motive for this epic bloodbath isn’t revealed until the end, and even though you may think you have it figured out, they throw in a little twist!

Overall, Pool Party Massacre is everything you want in a slasher film and more. It has plenty of the 3 B’s (beer, boobs, and blood) to keep you entertained throughout the film. I love seeing Marvick’s bizarre mind at play and can’t wait to see what he pulls out of his head next. It’s definitely the perfect horror film to splash into summer with. You won’t be disappointed.

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