Teenage Ghost Punk is a fun family comedy that has a few supernatural elements and a lot of heart.

Teenage Ghost Punk

The story focuses on a family of three who have recently had to relocate so that single mom Carol (Adria Dawn) could get a job, following the divorce of her husband – the kids’ father.  The family moves into an old Victorian house and immediately notices strange occurrences, suggesting a haunting. At first they each think another family member is pulling pranks, but the daughter, Amanda (Grace Madigan), soon realizes that there is actually a ghost.

Antics ensue, as the family first calls upon a psychic, and then a group of ghost hunters called S.P.I.T. (The SUPER Paranormal Investigation Team) to try to force the ghost out.  This ghost isn’t going anywhere though. It turns out that he is a teenage punk named Brian (Jack Cramer), who loves bands like The Clash and the Ramones, and spends his afterlife haunting the neighborhood with all of the other local ghosts.  Over time, he reveals himself to Amanda, and eventually the two of them develop a strange romantic relationship. While this is going on, Amanda’s brother, Adam (Noah Kitsos), who is a highly intelligent kid, sets out to prove ghosts exist.

Of course, more antics occur, including an awkward showdown between S.P.I.T., the psychic, and the ghosts. The cops even get involved at one point. There’s a very predictable, and somewhat gross twist near the end of the film that felt a little out of place, but did succeed in moving the story forward to a satisfying ending.

I really enjoyed the music choices in the film, and I thought the performances were great throughout. Even the supplemental characters added a lot of laughs, especially the other ghosts and the next door neighbors.  Writer and Director, Mike Cramer, has made a really fun family film that anyone should be able to enjoy… especially if they love punk music.

Teenage Ghost Punk is available on: Amazon, Itunes, Google Play, Vimeo, Xbox, Flix Fling, Vudu, Youtube, and Cable VOD. It is also available on DVD via Amazon MOD.

Teenage Ghost Punk
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