Sergio Morcillo‘s You’re Gonna Die Tonight is a short home invasion horror film with lots of promise. When the film opens, we’re quickly introduced to Victoria (Mónica Aragón) and given mixed signals as to whether we should be rooting for her and her seemingly snobby attitude or not. Moments later and unfortunately without much character development, Victoria enjoys a hot bath while touching herself to the thoughts of her sexually promiscuous behavior. At this point, Victoria receives an odd phone call and writes it off as a prank- though the call turns serious when the voice on the other end threatens to end her life.

you're gonna die tonight

You’re Gonna Die Tonight is most effective for the five minute stretch following this scene. When a masked intruder breaks into her home and begins to hunt her through the house, Morcillo masterfully crafts tension and displays an incredible knack for the home invasion subgenre of horror. That tension, however, is not sustained throughout the 14-minute runtime, quickly losing itself after a twist reveal and the unmasking of the intruders- which ultimately causes the promise of Morcillo’s film to have an unrewarding payoff.

Where You’re Gonna Die Tonight shines most besides the direction of Sergio Morcillo, however, is in the performance of Aragon. Though the actress initially showcases an over-the-top performance, she eventually settles into her role and makes for a compelling and complicated horror heroine. The intruders, too, are quite frightening before they’re unmasked. While donning the effectively creepy masks and acting without a clear motive, these villains truly get under your skin.

All in all, You’re Gonna Die Tonight suggests that Sergio Morcillo has many wonderful assets to offer the horror world. While the film is lacking in ways, the director shines and has an obvious/competent knack for the genre. I’m excited to see whatever he takes on next.

You're Gonna Die Tonight (2016)
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