The trailer for the big screen adaptation of Stephen King’s It has been making its rounds on the internet as of late, scaring the hell out of everyone and breaking views records in the process. While the trailer continues floating atop the internet, viewers can’t be blamed for believing that the clip couldn’t possibly be any more frightening. Life is a McFlurry of twists and unprecedented turns however, and this week has brought forth a new version of the trailer that makes each of us feel like spoiled dollar menunaires.

The team over at the RackaRacka YouTube channel recently unveiled their own version of the popular trailer, titled It – McDonald’s Edition, and ba da ba ba bah, we’re lovin’ it. In addition to featuring their own Pennywise, the trailer primarily follows a fictionalized Ronald McDonald as a kid-killing creep who is infinitely more brutal than his Stephen King counterpart. Check it out.

Want fries with that?

Stephen King’s It is still several months away, but eager fans have the incredible trailer and the killer McDonald’s Edition to watch repeatedly until September 8th arrives. Are you excited for the update on the classic King story? What did you think of RackaRacka’s fan trailer? Let us know what you think in the comments and subscribe to their channel if you dig the content!

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