Hey, hey, hey, HEY! What is going on here? It’s time to take a little time out and go through some nostalgia with HorrorGeekLife as we look back on one of the most beloved shows from the 90’s, Saved by the Bell. Each character of Saved by the Bell will have their own unique article, from Zack Morris to Mr. Belding. Check out who’s up first!

Saved by the Bell

In this segment, we will be highlighting one of our favorite TV principals, the one with the hyena laugh- none other then Mr. Richard “Richie” Belding, played by the lovable Dennis Haskins. Let’s get started, shall we?

4. The Fabulous Belding Boys”

In this episode, Mr. B’s not-balding, more exciting younger brother, Rodney “Rod” Belding substitute teaches for the gang’s history class. It just so happens that Mr. Belding has come up with a great class trip idea to go camping at Yosemite, if they can pass their history exam. It’s not long before Mr. B’s hipster brother undermines him and convinces them to go white water rafting instead.

Clearly, the long-haired Belding is a just a flaky sub as he bails for a stewardess when it comes time to go on the class trip. Mr. Belding steps up, though he knows nothing of white water rafting, and offers to take them. Even though he’d been dogged by his students throughout the entire episode. Hands down, this makes Richie the better Belding, and that’s why this moment made it onto my list!

3. “Day Of Detention”

What high school television show would be complete without the principal monitoring detention? None. In this episode, Mr. Belding decides to take up bonsai as a hobby while the gang sits in complete boredom. Meanwhile, the friends not in detention try break Zack out so he can win a trip to Hawaii for a contest that is going on at The Max.

Zack’s master plans fall through, as per usual, and guess who wins the trip to Hawaii… none other than Mr. B! In my opinion, he totally deserved to win as the gang completely botched his bonsai tree. Way to go, Mr. Belding, way to go.

2. “Breaking Up is Hard To Undo”

Ah, my favorite Mr. B episode of all time. What principal would actually come to your house to bond after you’ve had a fight with your significant other? The Belding of course! Not only are Zack, Kelly, Slater and Jessie fighting, but it just so happens that Mrs. Belding kicks Mr. Belding out after a fight.

After a heart-to-heart at The Max with Screech, they show up in Zack’s bedroom for guy time. Mr. Belding even splurges and buys the guys pizza, while convincing them not to cave with the girls. Soon enough, the fellas realize it’s time to get rid of Mr. B and make up with the girls. They end up convincing him to win his wife back, and he does just that. This episode totally humanizes Mr. Belding and sets him apart from your average principal!

1. Final Thoughts

A lot of television principals have come and gone over the years. How many of them actually got involved in hijinks with their students?

Is it normal?


Do we care?


At the end of the day, Mr. Belding was not only a principal, but a friend. He even went to Zack and Kelly’s wedding in Vegas! Let us know what are some of your favorite Mr. B moments are and stay tuned to HorrorGeekLife to see which Saved by the Bell character we cover next!

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