Indie filmmakers Scott Dunn and Gina Gomez have announced a campaign via Kickstarter so that they can begin production on the suburban horror comedy Weird Folk. The filmmakers are trying to raise $47,000 and offer some fantastic rewards. The campaign ends May 31st and was recently selected as a “Project We Love!”

Weird Folk is about the unsettling misadventures of various residents on election night 2016. It is a tale of interwoven stories- a teen discovers a terrifying secret on the dark web, a clown stalks a neighborhood, a chiropractor goes through his worst nightmare, and a couple finds themselves in the cross hairs of a killer.

Director Scott Dunn notes, “It’s not really about the government officials who were voted in, but the hysteria of the people who voted for them.” Producer Gina Gomez says, “Weird Folk is a story that could not be more topical given the current political divide.”

Weird Folk will begin production in Los Angeles this August. Director of Photography, Aj Young, is attached to the project. Cast and the rest of crew will be announced during the campaign and finalized in June. Three winners of Weird Folk’s Snuff Photo Contest will be announced at the launch of their campaign.

For more information about the film, visit their website here. They can be found on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram @WeirdFolkMovie.

Weird Folk

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