So many awesome horror movies came out in 2016 that I’m still playing catch up. I finally got to sit down and watch one that I’ve been anticipating forever, Beyond the Gates, which is now streaming on NetflixDid it deliver all the 80’s goodness I’d hoped for? Find out!

Distributed by IFC Midnight, Beyond the Gates is directed by Jackson Stewart as well as co-written by himself and Stephen Scarlata. The story revolves around two estranged brothers who reunite at their father’s video store who has been missing for a long time. At the video store, they discover a VCR board game called ‘Beyond The Gates’ that leads them on a journey to finding their father and far more bizarre things. The cast includes Graham Skipper, Chase Williamson, Brea GrantBarbara Crampton and more.

beyond the gates

I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from this film, but I was excited to watch it and see where it took me. I mean, everyone had dubbed it as Jumanji meets horror mixed in with an 80’s theme, so how could it be anything beyond fantastic?

The storyline for Beyond the Gates was incredible and something we haven’t seen before. I love how they incorporated the board game and the similarities to Jumanji in addition to the 80’s theme of VHS tapes and a killer soundtrack. However, I will say that the plot fell a little flat for me. It was a very slow build up as they took the time to develop the story and I didn’t think it was necessary, based on what was going on and the overall ending.

What I loved most were the special effects and fantastic kills. They were incredibly fun and bloody! One of my favorites included an exploding head that was insanely brutal and deliciously gory. I may have replayed once or twice. I think everyone will enjoy those splatter scenes especially.

All of the characters were enjoyable, but I absolutely adored Barbara Crampton as always. She was the perfect person for this 80’s throwback. She knows how to deliver a killer performance even if it’s through a TV screen.

Overall, Beyond the Gates is a fun watch with unique color tones of blue and purple that really add something to the mix- a dream-like atmosphere. Plus, you can’t go wrong with the legendary Barbara Crampton. Do you dare go beyond the gates? If so, check it out while it’s still streaming on Netflix!

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