Lazy Cam Productions has announced that Alexander Mattingly and Joe Hemphill’s next short film, Admonition, is officially in pre-production. It will star legendary horror actress Adrienne King (Friday the 13th, Friday the 13th Part 2), alongside The Thin Place’s Lindsey Shope.

Admonition is the story of a deaf woman, Leah, (Lindsey Shope), caring for her dying mother, Theresa, (Adrienne King), who warns her daughter that the devil is coming for her. What ensues is a tension filled evening as Leah struggles to control her mother’s worsening mental state and a sinister presence enters the home.

Filming started at the end of April and the team hopes to have it complete in time for the horror festival season, so be on the lookout for the film this October! To stay up to date on news and updates on production, follow Admonition on Facebook.


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