This year saw Milla Jovoich play out the The Final Chapter of the Resident Evil film series. Given the name, you’d think that was the end of the 6 part zombie-fest. However, the chiefs in charge at Constantin Film have placed producer James Wan at front of the upcoming Resident Evil reboot.

I know what you’re thinking, the final headshot was capped at the start of this year. It wasn’t cold in the ground and it’s already back from the dead. You’re not alone with this. In fact, Jovoich isn’t that impressed either. During an interview with, when asked her thoughts on the Resident Evil reboot, her response was “Okay, well good luck with that.” Which says it all.

For me, Jovoich is in that category of actresses you cannot replace. She is Alice, like Hugh Jackman is Wolverine and Johnny Depp is Jack Sparrow. She has made the part her own. With that in mind, not many people are attached to the Resident Evil reboot as of now. No confirmed director or cast, however Wan is producing it, with Greg Russo compiling the script.

Personally, Resident Evil be left alone for a while. The franchise was great and, without spoiling the last entry if you haven’t seen it, I did expect there to be more. But not in the form of a reboot.

Are you excited for a Resident Evil reboot? Tell us your thoughts and stay tuned for more news!

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