We’ve all seen The Conjuring a million times by now,¬†right? James Wan‘s fantastically frightening and deeply human horror flick was released in 2013 to heaps of praise from critics and audiences alike, and has since spawned sequels, spinoffs, and $900 million lawsuits. Oops.

Recently, Wan’s film gained a new fan in Khaleesi, the horror-loving bulldog. Just look at that doggo and how goddamn pure it is as it barks to warn young Christine (Joey King) about the danger she’s in.

horror-loving bulldog

The clip of Khaleesi is taking the internet by storm, and we couldn’t be more satisfied. The video is pushing two-million views in only its first week of existence. In the vid’s description, Khaleesi’s owner writes that “Khaleesi loves watching horror movies and always tries to protect any potential victims from harm. She is especially vocal when children are in danger as seen in this clip.”

I’ll be doggone.

Heroes come in all shapes, sizes, and species- and damn it, this dog is barking up the tree of legends.¬†Check out the video of Khaleesi below and never stop marveling at man’s best friend.

Do you have any horror-loving pets that you’d like to brag about? What other movies would you like to see Khaleesi tackle next? Sound off in the comments!

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  1. I love this. He should probably watch Pet Sematary to warn them about the evil burial ground. Something that Jed, failed to do.

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