As players know, the launch of Friday the 13th: The Game wasn’t as smooth as we had hoped. Between missing codes, the Savini skin debacle, game crashes and glitches that allow some serious cheating, there have been a lot of frustrations. In our opinion, the game is still a ton of fun, addicting, and a great addition to the franchise, but issues are there nonetheless. There’s no doubt that Gun Media and Illfonic, the companies behind the game, have been working around the clock to fix what’s broken. Until that fully happens, they’re putting some pretty cool shit out there to say sorry to their fan base.

Players on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC will enjoy the following FREE content on June 20th:

  • Two new outfits for each counselor
  • 13,000 CP to spend
  • Retro NES Jason skin
  • 80’s inspired music, written and performed by Mitch Murder

They’re also hosting Double XP Weekend June 23 – June 25.

Retro NES Jason Friday the 13th The Game 3

Pretty sweet, eh? The Retro Jason skin is one that we’ve been dying get our hands on. Are you excited?


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