In case you’re unfamiliar with speedruns, they’re a race to complete a game in the quickest time. This can be any percentage finish, or 100%, and gamers have started to set world records. Seriously, Guinness World Records has an book dedicated to only gaming records. Most speedruns involve glitches, but some people clearly study and master the games. One of the most well known glitch-based speedruns is Ocarina of Time, which you can see here. It enables the player to complete the best ever Zelda game in about 17 minutes.

Which brings us to around 8 months ago when a speedrunner by the name of darbian set a new world record for Super Mario Bros. The incredible time he set is 4 minutes, 56 seconds and 878 milliseconds. Due to the nature of these runs, they are heavily broken down, even into frames sometimes. I dare you to watch the video of his achievement and not get anxiety attacks at times.

It might only be appreciated by the hardcore and retro gamers among us, but hats off to darbian and his skills.

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