A new promotion in Pokémon Sun and Moon will allow players to download the legendary Shiny Tapu Koko as a free gift when they log onto the Nintendo Network, rather than putting countless hours into trying to catch the Pokémon for themselves.

Tapu Koko is the first of the four guardian deity Pokémon encountered in the game, appearing just after defeating the Alola region’s Elite Four for the first time. The only difference between the featured Pokémon and the downloaded gift is that the shiny version of Tapu Koko that players will receive is rocking black arms instead of yellow, which gives it a sharper appearance.

To receive this downloadable gift, simply:
  1. Start Up Pokémon Sun and Moon
  2. Select “Mystery Gift” on the main menu
  3. Connect via Internet

Once received, you may redeem your prize at any Pokémon Center by speaking to the delivery person. The offer is available as of today, July 14th, through August 14th.


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