With the release of Dunkirk only a few days away, what better time to rank the films in Christopher Nolan‘s stellar directorial catalog? From his first feature, 1998’s Following, to Interstellar, his divisive 2014 offering, we’re ranking the filmmakers work from least-best to best- because, let’s face it, there are no “bad” movies in the filmography. And here… we… GO!

9Following (1998)

Christopher Nolan’s debut picture is a damn good one. Made for only $6,000, the film is one of the lowest budgeted movies to ever get a theatrical release. A noir crime drama, Nolan’s film centers around a man who follows strangers around the streets of London, not with malice intent, but because he enjoys doing so. When the man fails to keep his distance from the lives of strangers, he is drawn into a dangerous underworld of criminals.

By far Nolan’s shortest film, Following is an exercise in making the most of what you’re given as a filmmaker. The low budget and the shooting constraints (rumor has it that Nolan was only able to film on weekends with actors that he personally knew) make the film’s accomplishments admirable- but Christopher Nolan would only get better from here.

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